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I am pleased to announce that Paul and I have decided to move to Liberty Lake, Washington which will also entail relocating my Coeur d'Alene office to Liberty Lake.

My new office address is 1328 N. Stanford Lane, Suite 101, Liberty Lake, WA 99019. It is easily accessible from the freeway either coming from Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Moses Lake, Yakima, Seattle and Montana.

No Workshop's scheduled

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This is a class that I offer for you and your group, If you get 4 or more to attend this class your fee is paid just for hosting. 

4 Weeks - to Empowerment Course - For information for your group of 4 or more call 509-473-9030

Everyone who chooses to apply my Three Empowerment Theories to their life succeeds by embracing these three questions.

1. Recognizing where in your life you need to make positive changes.
2. Strategizing how to make them these changes happen.
3. Doing the inner work that would keep you from implementing them.
The process starts by identifying how you are relating to each of the questions. Then you'll look back on your life and see where events in your childhood or life's experiences may have reinforced or been the result of any blocks to moving forward.
Ask yourself, I am ready to make progressive changes using these self-reflecting questions, which will help you understand your reactions to any situation. We look at how your negative reactions create results that you don't want. 
I feel, with this understanding and methods taught by me, you will learn how to make new choices to fulfill your empowered intentions, thus creating a new path toward positive outcomes.
Cost off class is $390.00 per person.
Please call me at 509-473-9020 


Holistic Health and WellBeing 509-473-9020
Cathleen L Balfour, Health Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher