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New Changes to My Business News:

I want you to know how much I appreciate the confidence you have shown me as my client and I value your ongoing support. In addition to having you as a client, you have brought many new referrals to my practice. I have been blessed and I am grateful to each of you.

New Telephone Numbers

Two new telephone numbers for Holistic Health and WellBeing are now in place: Please call my receptionist to schedule:
Local Number: 509-214-4494
Toll Free: 844-333-8300

The most efficient way to work with me is in a phone or an office session. I will use 509-473-9020 only to call you back for your phone session.

Fee Schedule Increase

Session prices will be as follows:
All returning clients: $164.00/50 minutes. (Held with a credit card.)
In-office sessions can be paid by cash, check or credit card.
All Phone Sessions: $164.00/50 minutes, or $90.00/30 minutes (Held with a credit card.)
Workshops: Paid in advance.
New clients: Whether on the phone or in-office: $210.00/60 minutes. Paid in advance.

Call my receptionist to schedule:509-214-4494 or 844-333-8300 to give 48 hours notice for cancelled appointments (no texting available). Appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice will be billed at 60 percent of the service fee as per the Client Service Agreement.

Please do not text or call my private phone regarding questions or requests about your personal health and wellbeing needs. You may still contact me through email; however, if it is for spiritual work your credit card will be charged for my services. Instant messaging has been shut off on Facebook, and texting is not available on any of my work phones.

These changes will be effective upon receipt of this email for all clients. If you have pre-booked several appointments ahead, I will honor one appointment at your old rate. All remaining appointments will be at the the new rate. 

Please schedule a session by going to www.cathleenlbalfour.com. Click on the "Schedule a Session" page and it will walk you through the process of scheduling your appointment, or call my receptionist at 509-214-4494 or 844-333-8300 to speak with one of my team. Please be aware there can be a waiting period to get an appointment, and I appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you. clb

Workshops Below

#2 Strategies for Highly Sensitive People - Empath Workshop 

I would like to thank everyone who attended my Empath Workshop January 27, 2018. I loved sharing this amazing experience with all of you as we explored the traits of Empaths and their sensitivities. We learned tools on how to avoid and protect ourselves from becoming emotional sponges, absorbing negative energy, and explored ways to stay balanced and centered. We also learned about putting ourselves first and did exercises to strengthen our personal power. I feel we only touched the tip of the iceberg on this issue, so I am offering Strategies#2 Workshop.

Empath's have trademark characteristics. They feel and absorb other people’s emotions or physical ailments due to their high sensitivities. They don't have the same filters that other people do to block out over-stimulation.

As an empath myself, I am aware of the multiple challenges that highly sensitive people face on a daily basis. In fact, when they become overwhelmed with the heavy burden of stressful emotions, an empath might experience panic attacks, depression, exhaustion, and feel like they are running out of time, all of which affects their daily lives.

Join me to learn the tools to protect yourself from sensory overload and exhaustion, while replenishing your individual energy. You will learn simple strategies to STOP absorbing stress and develop positive coping skills in a highly stimulated world.

We will continue to explore:
Feeling the positive connection to Spirit; intuition; only Spirit can fill you; self-compassion; honesty with Self; clear limits and boundaries (alone time); food is medicine and that spirituality is a huge solution to reclaiming your power as an empathy.

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Where: Comfort Inn and Suites, 12415 E. Mission Ave., Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Must Pre-Register: Space is limited. To Register click on Schedule Now button below.

Cost: $80..00 per person

If you have questions email me at cathleen@cathleenlbalfour.com

Please bring your favorite journal and pen to the workshop. Refreshments served during brea

To sign up for the Workshops you can here



This is a class that I offer for you and your group, If you get 4 or more to attend this class your fee is paid just for hosting. 

4 Weeks - to Empowerment Course - For information for your group of 4 or more .

Everyone who chooses to apply my Three Empowerment Theories to their life succeeds by embracing these three questions.

1. Recognizing where in your life you need to make positive changes.
2. Strategizing how to make them these changes happen.
3. Doing the inner work that would keep you from implementing them.
The process starts by identifying how you are relating to each of the questions. Then you'll look back on your life and see where events in your childhood or life's experiences may have reinforced or been the result of any blocks to moving forward.
Ask yourself, I am ready to make progressive changes using these self-reflecting questions, which will help you understand your reactions to any situation. We look at how your negative reactions create results that you don't want. 
I feel, with this understanding and methods taught by me, you will learn how to make new choices to fulfill your empowered intentions, thus creating a new path toward positive outcomes.
Cost off class is $390.00 per person.
Please email me: cathleen@cathleenlbalfour.com


Holistic Health and WellBeing 
Cathleen L Balfour, Health Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher