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Cathleen's 2022 Reflections Weekly Blog

A Prayer For The New Year

December 30, 2022

My prayer for the New Year is that we hold the compassion of love and of divine essence through our prayers. I believe together we embrace the essence of what this world needs to flourish, and it is through the vibrations of compassion and love, that we will increase the vibration of Gods loving presence. I ask you to hold this divine intention with me now. 

💜Blessings c

Embrace You

December 23, 2022

2023 is the perfect year to forget who you are trying to be, and just be who you are. Stop trying to be who you are not. Let it go. If you embrace who you are in the moment, then you can naturally align with your Authentic Self. You have come to Earth as a divine, loving and intuitive being to evolve your consciousness of unconditional love. Your connection with spirit is the path to accomplishing this task. By trusting your divine guidance, your personal light becomes brighter.


This concept is really quite simple. It is not easy, but it is simple. Through loving yourself unconditionally, you cease the endless cycle of trying to perfect who you are. Who you are is already perfect in the eyes of Mother/Father/God.


The first step is awareness – become aware of who you are not.

The next step is transformation – dismantling all that no longer serves.

The third step is intention – choosing to live in alignment with your Authentic Self.


💜Blessings c 

Embracing The Sun

December 16, 2022

Open your heart to nature’s light even when it is dark outside. Try going outside every day and consciously connecting to the sun to feel better. Even when it’s cloudy, the sun is always there behind the clouds. Intend to spiritually connect to the great Central Sun, feeling yourself merge with its cosmic heart/heat. Sense the Divine sunshine moving through you, filling you up with light until you become illuminated and feel the blessings of the moment. 

💜 Blessings c

What Does It Mean To Commit To A Spiritual Path?

December 9, 2022

For me, the term spiritual has in it a deep aspiration or longing to live in wholeness, balance, love, and understanding. My role as a Spiritual Warrior is a sacred path with “a set of divine intentions” for getting from here to there authentically. I do my best to see suffering as an illusion and to commit myself to creating a peaceful state of being. I also hold the space of love and light for all who cross my path.


I believe commitment is a choice. First, the intention to acknowledge my longing for a spiritually driven life, and then the intention to live it lovingly each day. I know in my Soul there is an unconditional loving presence that guides me along my path. 💜 Blessings c 

Artful Creation

December 2, 2022

To be abundant we must see all we’re creating in a positive light. Abundance invites each of us to live a life of true prosperity instead of settling for less. We are the choice makers of our own creation. I believe, each of us determines our own reality from a place of fear or love. Make a conscious choice of how you want to create.


But first we must believe that the Universe is a loving, giving entity and will supply with love and light, everything we need. If we come from a place of love and light, the Universe will respond in kind. If we understand our life is a work of art and we are the artist, we can create a magical masterpiece. 💜 Blessings c

Spirit of Love

November 25, 2022

As Christmas approaches and we tap into the sacredness of the season, we must give thanks for the amazing abundance in our lives. With our support of one another in the season of giving we create the feeling of grace and joy, and the spirit of love fills our lives.

My prayer...

Spirit of love, I am grateful for the incredible people, joy and blessings which are now manifesting into my life, my family and my world. 💜 Blessings c

It Is Time for Mindfulness

November 18, 2022

Mindfulness means watching ourselves and staying peaceful when something is happening that might upset or trigger us. One of the healthiest ways to be mindful is paying close attention to how we react in the moment. Epictetus states that “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” Reacting is an ego response that comes from fear which is immediate and rash. Responding is a considerate and deliberate thought process that comes from conscious awareness. Responding is all about staying present in the moment. When you respond to any situation from a conscious space, it creates a more peaceful state of being. 💜 Blessings c

Kundalini Awakening Benefits Through Guidance 

November 11, 2022

When the Kundalini is awakened, it is the ultimate tool for self-improvement that allows long-term positive change. So, it is important to understand. Kundalini is considered to be a life-force energy, which means - it is a major source of internal power. We all have it, but not all of us have experienced it as an "awakening."


When understood and opened we have a newfound strength and clarity that allows us to make positive changes in our lives without fear. By doing this, we will experience spiritual enlightenment, "which is a connection with all and an understanding that we are continual creators of all there is, all the time." 💜 Blessings c

Some benefits of Kundalini rising:


1. Much better sense of sound, color and sight

2. Psychic abilities are enhanced

3. More compassion and empathy

4. A higher vibration

5. Increased spiritual connection 

Spiritual Perspective

November 4, 2022

One form of Spiritual Empowerment is a perspective from which we can effectively hold the space of unconditional love for both ourselves and the world around us. A spiritual perspective helps us navigate challenges more effectively because it can give us a sense of purpose in our lives. I believe this deeper perspective can lead us to a profound sense of stillness and truth. Then it becomes easier to let go of ego’s fear-based illusions and have faith, and an inner knowingness that Mother/Father God has the final word. Together we can hold the space "that all is well in our world". 💜 Blessings c

Happy Halloween

October 28, 2022

Halloween can be traced back to Celtic culture in Ireland. Halloween is steeped in traditions and is one of the holidays that people are excited to get into the spirit of. Halloween is all about fun, and one of the holidays there’s no need to stress about (the biggest stress is how much candy should I eat!). Sure, it’s eerie, scary and filled with fright! But if you’re going along with the theme of imagination, it’s entertaining and enjoyable. It’s my favorite time of the year because its nonsensical, fun and I enjoy watching people tap into their ghoulish creativity. Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Halloween culture:

Pumpkins – Originated in Central America

Pumpkin Carving – Originated when the Irish immigrants came to America

Trick-or-Treating – Originated with the Irish

The Day of The Dead – Originated in Mexico 

Divine Feminine Light by Cathleen L. Balfour

October 21, 2022

Divine Feminine Light, may you reign as the Goddess of Wisdom within my soul.

Be present for me now and in every moment of eternity.

Take my hand and lead me to the Ultra-Violet Light within me, for there shall I find my purpose in life revealed.

Divine Feminine consciousness, anchor in my high heart, embrace me in your loving heart, and smile gently upon me so that I may create love and manifest Heaven on Earth.

I am a blessing and here to create love. Inspire and remind me that I am worthy of exemplifying unconditional love.

And so it is asked for, and so it is done. It is done. It is done. It is done.  💜 Blessings c

Beckoning The Light

October 14, 2022

It is time to clean up our energy from the past two years. This energy set a precedence of how we need to protect ourselves in survival mode. It is time to leave behind our fears and blocked energy and allow the light to reemerge into our daily lives, and we can only do that through unconditional trust that we are safe and that we vibrate at a 5th dimensional frequency. The light asks you to take the time to understand your underlying motivations and ego investments over the past two years.


Through the knowledge of our divine heart, we have the ability to tap into our light so that our higher consciousness can reemerge into our creation. Thus, clearing the reactions that both entice us and repel us. If we can do this, then the veil of fear lifts, creating breakthroughs that allow trust and love to prevail. 💜 Blessings c

Staying Healthy

October 7, 2022

When it comes to matters concerning our health and well-being, we must be conscious of not neglecting ourselves. It is important to make sure that our emotional and physical health is not sacrificed by our busy lives. If we do not look after ourselves appropriately, we will not be able to stay healthy in the coming seasons.


Unfortunately, flu season is upon us, flu viruses commonly circulate during the fall and winter months when people are inside more, getting less sunlight, and dealing with the stress and food indulgences associated in the fall and winter months. These factors make us vulnerable to both encountering the virus and more susceptible to getting sick.


But you can take measures to stay healthy. Try adding these to your self-care regimen: continue to eat a healthy diet and make sure to eat regular meals and snacks to keep up your energy. My energy formula as a practitioner is; vitamin C, B12 and D3, as well as chamomile tea, honey, and lemon in warm water. Also, wash your hands often with soap and water.


When you are not feeling well stay home, it is hard to do anything when you do not feel well, and it is important to stay home to limit exposing others as well. 💜 Blessings c

What Are You Waiting For? 

September 30, 2022

There’s just more to everything than we can ever imagine. What if we asked the Universe to provide us with absolutely everything we need? You ask and receive all the time unconsciously, so start asking from conscious awareness, as you are never a burden to the Universe. We are surrounded by supportive, loving and all-encompassing Divine beings that will guide us to what is for our highest good, if we are open to receiving. 💜 Blessings c

Unleashing Our Free-Flowing Spirit

September 23, 2022 

As humans mature, there is an expectation that we grow up and become more serious and responsible. As we grow up, I think we often forget how to be playful, and how to be spontaneous and silly. It is time to find balance between your hectic life and your playful side. When we tap into our childlike wonder, our imagination soars. By unleashing our free-flowing Spirit, we can develop a cheerful, optimistic, and well-rounded life. Allowing spontaneity is a good first step in rediscovering your playful side. By doing this, it will keep you young at heart. 💜 Blessings c

There Are Blessings In Your Stories

September 16, 2022

There are blessings in sharing your stories.  Sharing these blessings (or lessons learned) in the form of your experience, with the intention of understanding, can help someone else and be a blessing for them as well. 


Do you want to be a stepping stone inspiring someone else's personal growth?  


Your wisdom and beauty have the ability to spread to others, just as you have likely experienced from someone else sharing their stories of struggles, situations and/or successes. When you talk about your stories and even struggles, instead of hiding them, you allow others to hear your voice and understand that they too can come through more empowered and stronger. And because you gift your story, you may inspire them to share theirs, extending more inspiration, growth and healing. 💜 Blessings c

Respect For Others

September 9, 2022

During this Mercury Retrograde, it will be easy to get drawn into and have an opinion on what’s going on in other people’s lives. Focusing on other people’s circumstances draws the attention away from ourselves and takes us out of our present moment. It is unhealthy to have opinions about how other people live their lives good or bad. “You get to choose who you are, and I get to choose who I am,” is a conscious motto to live by.


I am guided that we are here to inspire and support each other in healthy relationships. We each have our own path and it takes courage to only be responsible for ourselves. Through divine free-will each of us has been given the divine right to choose our own experiences. When we care about someone, we must give him or her the respect to be who they are. 💜 Blessings c

Healing The Energy of Suffering

September 2, 2022

As Light workers, we are here to bring divine frequencies to earth and all her inhabitants. We are doing the work that it takes to end not only our suffering, but suffering for all.


How do we do this work?

Through our prayers and our loving intentions of Divine faith in God(ness). 


Each one of us came here to make a difference and inspire all of humanity. But we must choose peace and know that we are here for this glorious opportunity, one that many Lightworkers want and are willing to do for the highest good of all.


We are blessed that we have a front row seat to humanity’s great shift, as it wakes up to a new era! Bringing heaven to earth is our loving mission. 💜 Blessings c

Liberate Yourself and Let Go

August 26, 2022

This week’s energy is the perfect time to liberate yourself from the past and let go of any limitations that you have put on yourself and others. 


Releasing any ideas about what you feel is right or wrong, will enable you to create a more positive attitude. 


If you feel disempowered by someone or something in your life, try doing this; focus on the emotions. What do you feel in the moment? Do you feel out of control, angry, hopeless, confused or panicked? 


While these emotions can be difficult to confront, you will feel a huge weight has been lifted when you let go and let God. Knowledge and intention are powerful healing tools. 


By doing this simple technique; you can become aware of your underlying emotions and then decide not to react from fear or control. Then you can intend through love to let go and surrender the situation to be healed for the highest good of all concerned. 


When you choose to consciously improve your inner psyche, clarity magically happens, bringing a breakthrough in understanding, especially regarding issues that impact you emotionally.


Then you will find yourself surrendering what you cannot control, while feeling empowered to move forward gracefully in each moment without attachment. Through Divine intention you will find true peace.  💜 Blessings c

Divine Humility

August 19, 2022

Humility can serve our highest Self once we understand it from a Divine perspective. It allows us to live a healthier balanced life that is focused on our highest good, and the highest good of all concerned with harm to no one.


If we can embrace our humble and compassionate Spirit when it comes to others, we can approach others in unconditional love. When we can love others through their experiences (humility), rather than wanting to take care of them and/or feeling sorry for them to make ourselves feel better, then we can experience empathy for others in peace and balance.


When we choose the spiritual approach to having relationships, we can experience accelerated growth.  💜 Blessings c

The Feminine Heart

August 10, 2022

What does your feminine heart long for?” 


This is a question I have asked myself in the past. How can we be authentic and honor ourselves if we are tuned into what others think, or who they think we should be. As women, we are taught to embrace others before ourselves, as a result of being raised in a culture that teaches us to deny our Divine Feminine. However, when we listen to our soul's guidance, authenticity comes naturally.


Ask yourself this question:

1. How do you want to represent the Divine Feminine in your life?  💜 Blessings c

The Feminine Potential

August 5, 2022

The Divine Mother is worshipped in her many forms around the world. 


Her role as the Divine Feminine, the ultraviolet ray, is in each of us male and female. She is the feminine principle who releases the potential of kindness, gentle compassion, and patience. Her function is to bring about continued nurturing to all humankind. The Mother gives vision and identity to all who embody her wisdom and develop balance in the female and male energies. In fact, our bodies, our vehicles of consciousness are hers on loan. She has given these to our souls for their Mother/Father/God evolution, and in the very center of our body temple, she has provided the heart and the high heart to teach the feminine presence of God. 


Without the Divine Feminine, we lose the flame of our true nature, our soul's consciousness, and our evolving self that seeks to embrace the virtues of God-ness. As Lightworkers, we hold the key to the Divine Mother’s wisdom for the world. 💜 Blessings c

Creative Flow

July 29, 2022

How is your creative energy flowing at this moment?

Creative energy isn’t something that is super easy to clarify. It’s suggestive and hard to grasp. It’s very personal and it’s at the essence of all your creative inspirations. Nurturing creative energy not only for your growth but can inspire you find that magic spark that ignites your Soul. Creativity spins you into a beautiful mood of inspiration, creating and sharing your gifts with the world. 💜 Blessings c

Expansion and Opening Up

July 20, 2022

Today's blog is to remind you to expand your vision and contemplate expanding your consciousness beyond your current awareness. 


This modern age of technology, gives us unlimited resources to explore our vision and alter our lives into boundless horizons with unlimited, powerful energy to create a more profound life. 


Our true nature is to create abundance, expand our vision, and to use our personal power to create Heaven on Earth.


Heed the call. 💜 Blessings c

Living in Harmony

July 15, 2022

Harmony is an important state of being. When we are living in harmony with each other, we are coexisting peacefully regardless of diversity.


Living in harmony can be challenging when we step into the 3D illusion of fear which can feel conflicting, dramatic, and exhausting.


By connecting with love hearted spiritual Lightworkers, we can focus on being in alignment and in harmony in our everyday lives. By staying present and maintaining gratitude you can create harmony in each moment. Make sure you also maintain your own personal sense of peace.  💜 Blessings c

Soul Purpose

July 8, 2022

How many times have we have sought a pathway into knowing our Soul's purpose, opening our heart, into who we are, that we might resonate with unconditional love? To live our lives full of grace and truth. Connecting to the magnificence of the Cosmic Christ (the crystal-clear energy of creation), inspires us to live a life of divine grace. We as Lightworkers naturally amplify greater light in the world through love and light. As each of us stay on our Soul's path, we will create a world beyond our wildest dreams and manifest our divine purpose. And so it is done. 💜 Blessings c

Divine Feminine Influence

July 1, 2022

The Divine Mother’s feminine energy is surging. You might not get that message from the news headlines, where it seems the feminine is under attack almost daily. But look a little deeper and you will see that the Divine Feminine is emerging more powerful than ever. The good news is, we are all a part of that rising, and Divine Mother is delighted to welcome your participation. In all Her glory, Divine Mother's Feminine Heart, a part of which lives in all of us, is giving us a boost to be empowered through the feminine heart -- the divine energy that embraces truth, unconditional love, compassion and higher levels of consciousness. When embracing the Divine Feminine, and energetically honoring Her, we will see balance return.  💜 Blessings c

Quote By Tama Kieves


The larger the life you move into, the more you will be called to trust the Presence of Love and Intelligence that is beyond your linear mind. Your greatest desires will call you to go where you have never been before. 

Today's Blessings 


What blessings can you focus on today? In each moment we are given the choice to come from a place of love and gratitude or fear and disappointment. Which one are you going to choose? Everyday that we live, we have to make a choice to live in appreciation for each moment from within, otherwise, we get stuck in the collective unconscious and lose our way. Repeat after me: All is well in my world.        💜 Blessings c

There’s Always a Choice

June 3, 2022

From divine empowered consciousness in each moment, we can choose what to create with positive intentional thoughts and not to take linear time literally. Linear time is a concept whereby time is seen as a progression, a series of events that lead toward something positive or negative. 


That “something” is both a beginning and end. So, when our moments are ruled by our intended thoughts, we choose what we want to create. Investing wisely in each moment’s thoughts can change our perception of our daily lives.


I believe that what we perceive as our future is based upon what we assign value to in each moment. That is what we can accomplish when we turn our moments into intentional thought choices. 

💜 Blessings c

Own Your Inner Light 

May 27, 2022

Spirit invites you to discover and tune into your own inner source of love, truth and feeling.  As you figure out your own spiritual path, you become your true identity.  How, by tapping into universal energy through love, you become complete, healthy and sovereign human being. Ready to realise your true potential and carry out your spiritual mission and purpose in life. You are responsible for our own personal destiny and happiness.  Enjoy your journey.  💜 Blessings c


May 20,2022

Whatever your loss it is personal to you.  Never feel ashamed about how you feel, or believe that it’s somehow only appropriate to grieve for certain things. If it is the death of someone you love, your pet, your relationship, or any situation is important to you, it’s normal to grieve the loss. 

Whatever your grief is there are healthy ways to cope with the pain.

Always allow yourself feel the pain and all the other emotions you are going through. Don’t ignore how to feel or let others tell you how you should feel. Be patient and don’t pressure yourself with expectations. Accept that you need to experience your emotions, pain, and sadness. Remember, you have your own way of healing − all in divine timing.

Take care of yourself. Eat well and exercise. Physical activity is a good way to release tension. Do activities that help you renew yourself like long walks, hot baths, naps, and or being with friends.

Give yourself a break from grief. Remember time will ease your sadness and help you come to terms with your loss, and help you find new meaning. Then you can eventually move on with your life. 

Dedicated to my loving sister Debbie...I will miss your courage and determination. 💜 Blessings c


May 13, 2022

We all have the power to bring synchronicity into our lives. Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

I've yet to find anything as satisfying as being inspired; it's what gives my life meaning. It's a feeling that wants to shout, "This is who I am and why I'm here!”

Let yourself magically, symbolically, and metaphorically loosen up and release the boundaries of mundane living. Invite yourself to expand in ways you never dreamed of, tap into your true expansiveness, cultivating an openness to discover the synchronicity that is already inside you! 

💜 Blessings c

Curious About Everything

May 6, 2022

This is a good time to be curious about everything.  Why?  Curious people are happier. Research has shown curiosity to be associated with higher levels of positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, more satisfaction with life, and greater psychological well-being. Of course, it may be, at least partially, that people who are already happier tend to be more curious, and feel better about life. 💜 Blessings c


April 29, 2022

Practicing mindfulness it is a way of paying attention to the present moment. Try using techniques daily like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. It's been shown to help us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings.  💜 Blessings c

Easter Blessings

April 15, 2022

May this Easter Sunday inspire you to new hope, happiness, prosperity, and abundance, all received through Spirit's divine grace. 💜 Blessings c

Golden Future-Channel from Quan Yin

April 8, 2022

Dear loved ones, do you remember how much the Divine wishes to inspire you to live in your heart in chaotic times? I understand that the outside the world can be scary place, a place of illusion, which is ego driven. Pain and suffering are man driven and will take your power and leave you in a state of stress. I urge you to infuse your courage, strength, and love into each present moment. I call for you to live with more heart and less fear. You are powerful enough to stay out of the 3rd dimensional fear and I promise you Heaven on earth is evolving. 💜 Blessings c

Manifestation The Path of Intention

April 1, 2021

The universe is always listening, and it wants to support you in achieving your dreams. Get really clear on what it is you are asking for, down to the smallest details. The universe responds to clarity and will deliver the things that you want with greater ease when you have a crystal-clear vision of what you’re calling in. 💜 Blessings c

Divine Intention

March 25, 2022

My intentions are to cultivate and illuminate my way forward through my ascension process by, consciously living life through divine intention. I choose to live my life to my greatest potential and create outcomes for my highest good. 💜 Blessings c

Spring Season

March 19, 2022

As winter fades away, as the grasses begin to green, and the flowers start to bloom; the season of spring brings about the celebration of new life, rebirth, and renewal. Spring is the perfect time for letting go and releasing things that have been hiding in the darkness. The days are becoming longer and lighter, allowing us to harness this energy from nature and start adopting a “promising” and more “optimistic” outlook. It is about holding the light of love and harmony for all. 💜Blessings c


Welcome, Blessed Springtime!


We greet you with arms outstretched to the brightening sky. The days are growing longer, and the world is waking up to us bringing bright colors and warmth. This time of year embodies change; rainbows appear often through the clouds nourishing our hopes for abundant water, and invigorating new growth all around us. We wish you spring blessings and inspiration for the warmer months ahead.  We Moon



I will always be strong

I choose to be in the present moment

Where nothing is undone

Satisfaction is my focus

Being enough

Simplicity abounds in me

Cathleen L. Balfour

Three Stages of Empathy 

March 14, 2022

Empathy is the ability to recognize emotions and to share perspectives with other people. It's one of the five key components of emotional intelligence, and it helps to build trust and strengthen relationships.


To use empathy effectively, give the person you’re talking to your full attention by listening and asking questions, this will help you fully understand their situation. Set aside your own assumptions, acknowledge their feelings, allow an emotional connection, then suggest a positive action that will inspire them.


Three stages of empathy:

Cognitive empathy is being aware of the emotional state of another person.

Emotional empathy is engaging with and sharing those emotions.

Compassionate empathy involves taking action to support other people. 💜Blessings c

Heaven's Light

March 11, 2022

Uncertainty lurks in the world, remember you are shielded by the power of heaven's light and love.  Call on the message of hope and feel safe in your creation.  The light surrounds and protects you.

 All is Well. 💜 Blessings c

Mindful Emotions

March 9, 2022

As you go throughout the day, take a moment to check in with your emotional self, especially if you are feeling frustrated or stressed out.  Notice, what emotions have arisen within you and what thoughts or behaviors they inspire.   💜 Blessings c

Our Best Self

March 7, 2022

At our best, each of us is a channel through which Divine wisdom flows, we must be sensitive to the inner guidance that provides us with intuitive clear knowing. We must always hear the still small voice that is our natural inheritance. That voice is a bridge to knowing self.  💜 Blessings c

Spiritual Tenderness

March 2, 2022

I am both gentle and powerful. Your tenderness is a spiritual gift that allows you to feel the presence of the divine mother and the angels. This guidance will allow you to surround your current circumstances with love and light. 💜Blessings c

Owning You

February 28, 2022

Own you are beautiful, and you will get through this. You are the builder, architect, and the director of your movie. 💜Blessings c

True Identity

February 23, 2022

Understanding your true identity is your critical step to being divinely empowered. Transformation is more than just changing your ideas about yourself. It’s a shift in identity that affects how you perceive yourself and how you show up in the world.💜Blessings c


February 18, 2022

I am choosing to be whole right this moment. Past experiences do not define the vastness of my true identity. I am enough right now. I am whole. Nothing needs fixed because perfection is in the eyes of Spirit. My wholeness is my natural state of being. 💜Blessings c

Feed Your Soul

February 15, 2022

Lately it feels like time is moving faster and faster. So, now is the time to live in the moment as much as possible. This is the perfect time to finish all the projects that have been bugging you to get done. Once they are completed you can focus on exciting new projects that feed your soul. Look for spiritual practices that are nourishing and uplifting. It is important to take time each day to nourish your spirit and feel centered. Here are a few suggestions: Meditation. Try to begin each day with meditation, even if it's only for a minute. Also try spiritual reading, practice gratitude, spend time in nature and, deep mindful breathing. 💜Blessings c

Spiritual Awakenings

February 11, 2022

Spiritual awakenings are major wake-up calls from the Universe. Pay attention to divine guidance as it beckons you to live in integrity and guides you to honor yourself. After a dormant winter, it is time to awaken and celebrate life. 💜Blessings c

Positive Influence

February 9, 2022

When you practice being a positive influence, you can make an impact on your life as well as others. Tap into your empowered authentic self and remind yourself of the potential you have yet to discover and formulate. Remember, you are not defined by the stories you tell yourself. Practice cultivating and illuminating a way forward…into a life filled with authenticity, connection, and balance.  💜Blessings c

This Week's Inspiration - Journal the Perfect Day 

February 6, 2022

Start this week by journaling your perfect day. Include how you would create a day that is filled with love, gratitude, and kindness. What would that day look like? Describe in great detail all the amazing things that you did on this magical day and how happy and empowered it made you feel.

💜Blessings c

Magic Inspires Hope

February 3, 2022

Can magic inspire hope? Magic, through imagination, makes the impossible seem possible. When you worry and are overwhelmed a little magical thinking goes a long way.


So, is the magic real or not? If not, then what is it? It is the power of hope. It is the voice of hope, in a hopeless situation, that tells you anything is possible. Hope is the single most feeling of intention. Hope helps you to be physically and mentally healthy. It increases the sense of meaning in your life and lets you visualize and then realize your dreams.


Hope is essential to wellness and wholeness; it is not just magical. Nurture the power of hope in your life for a more meaningful and successful life. 💜Blessings c

Feel Good Now

January 31, 2022

Instead of putting your happiness on hold until you create the life you want, learn to feel good and appreciate your life now. Make a list of things that bring you joy and schedule them into your week. Happiness is a way of living and thinking, not a destination. 💜Blessings c

Sacred Commitment

January 28, 2022

Through our sacred commitment to making the world a better place, we can raise the vibration of love and light on earth. Through conscious living we can help all mankind experience peace and harmony.💜Blessings c 

Thrive and Stay Healthy

January 26, 2022

Remember to check daily and make sure you are aligned with your intentions and are on track with your truth in order to thrive and stay healthy. By using divine wisdom consistently, you can stay centered no matter how hectic life becomes.💜Blessings c

Community and Networking

January 24, 2022

This coming month is the right time to honor the philosophy of love and the power of embracing community. What if we asked ourselves, "What do we want to accomplish as loving spiritual beings?" To make sure our intentions are pure it is essential to network with others who are lighthearted and likeminded.  💜Blessings c

Keep Emotions Light

January 22, 2022

Relax and know you are safe. When we feel safe, we can be nourishing leaders and inspire those around us. When our intentions shine through love, it encourages us to see the common good in all aspects of life. That is the key to enlightenment. 💜Blessings c

Embrace the Power of You
January20, 2022

Learn to make a more positive impact on your life as well as the world around you. Tap into your empowered authentic self and remind yourself of the potential you have yet to discover and formulate. Remember, you are not defined by the stories you tell yourself. Practice cultivating and illuminating a way forward, into a life filled with authenticity, connection, and balance. 💜Blessings c  

Divine Guidance

January 17, 2022

You can see beyond your ego and logical mind when you look into your soul and see what lies

beyond. Relinquish control and seek divine guidance and prayer to move you in the direction you are seeking. 💜Blessings c  

Present Moments

January 14, 2022

Are you missing the beauty, blessings and magical moments going on all around you? Are you living in the past or worrying about the future? If you are, think of all you are missing. Frustration is the past; anxiety is the future. Be present: listen to the sounds, observe your surroundings, and breathe in the air around you. Practice living in the present moment. .💜Blessings c

Today - Living Our Dreams

January 12, 2022

If we want to manifest the hopes and dreams in our lives faster, we can do so by living our dreams today. In small ways we can start living our dreams by trying new activities that will start our creative juices flowing. When we begin to feel our intentions, get into alignment, and elevate our mindset, our desires will quickly manifest.💜Blessings c

A Better Place

January 9, 2022    

To wake up each morning and choose to do something different, to walk on the edge, and to bring excitement and joy into our lives makes us stronger. With each new and sacred thought we can intend to make our world a better place. And, as if by magic, the whole world seems just a bit brighter!

💜Blessings c

Heal and Transform

January 5, 2022

Each spiritually conscious step taken brings you closer to living your joy. We all have the innate power to heal and transform our lives, to restore health, and to create within us a sense of total wellbeing. Understanding the body through Holistic Health and WellBeing is about exploring our inner world, becoming more conscious, and peeling away the layers of negative patterns and beliefs. As a result, you will experience benefits such as increased harmony, peace, balance, and enhancement of spiritual, mental and physical health. 💜Blessings c

New Day 

January 3,we 2022

Today​ is a new day, so let’s choose a healthy attitude of gratitude. Seeing our world from a new perspective, one filled with faith and hope, lets us look beyond the mundane and see the beauty that surrounds us. I believe seeing the divine in each moment is the path to peace. 

💜Blessings c

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