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Workshops Offered Below 

Come Explore and Imagine Yourself Set Free

I still have 10 spots available in this workshop...Please come join me on a magical Journey of exploring your divine feminine power.

A Spiritual Woman’s Freedom Workshop

A woman who has her spiritual self set free is not somebody you come across everyday. Come be inspired and explore your spiritual self with other like-hearted woman. Discover the secret to true freedom, hope, and satisfaction. Can you imagine being a woman who is extremely confident in her identity? Can you imagine knowing exactly where your worth comes? Can you imagine waking up every day with full confidence that you have an important purpose for that day?

We will explore:
Finding Meaning in Everything
Living Authentically
Always Divine Growth
Love You, It’s Unconditional


Imagine being a woman who is extremely confident in her identity.

Imagine exploring exactly where your worth comes from.

Imagine waking up every day with full confidence that you have an important purpose for that day.

Date: Saturday, February 16, 2019
Time: 12:30pm - 4:00pm
Cost: $83.00
Room 209
Space is Limited: 26 spots available
Where: The Liberty Lake Portal
23403 East Mission Ave. Liberty Lake, WA 99019

Cathleen@cathleenlbalfour.com or call 509-473-9020

Come to HHWB Office and Meet Marthamary to Experience the Benefits of Massage.

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience a M & M Massage come to my office in Liberty Lake and meet Marthamary. Schedule a 60, 75, or 90 minute massage and feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you leave.

I feel, as Marthamary does, massage compliments our wellbeing and adds to our overall health. I have been blessed and enjoying the benefits of her massages for the past three years.

Marthamary's massages includes the following: Concentrated Deep Tissue, Gentle Focused Touch, heated table, hot towels, essential oils and dry brushing. Paraffin hand dip available upon request.

Six Ways Massage Can Improve Your Health

1. Reduces Stress
2. Improves Sleep
3. Supports Health and Wellness
4. Manages and Lessens Pain
5. Increases Range of Motion
6. Enhances Mood with Loving Touch

Contact Marthamary at 208-917-0025 to schedule your appointment.

To Schedule with Cathleen

Please schedule a session by going to www.cathleenlbalfour.com. Click on the "Schedule a Session" page and it will walk you through the process of scheduling your appointment, or call 509-473-9020 to leave a message. Please be aware there can be a waiting period to get an appointment, and I appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you. clb



This is a class that I offer for you and your group, If you get 4 or more to attend this class your fee is paid just for hosting. 

4 Weeks - to Empowerment Course - For information for your group of 4 or more .

Everyone who chooses to apply my Three Empowerment Theories to their life succeeds by embracing these three questions.

1. Recognizing where in your life you need to make positive changes.
2. Strategizing how to make them these changes happen.
3. Doing the inner work that would keep you from implementing them.
The process starts by identifying how you are relating to each of the questions. Then you'll look back on your life and see where events in your childhood or life's experiences may have reinforced or been the result of any blocks to moving forward.
Ask yourself, I am ready to make progressive changes using these self-reflecting questions, which will help you understand your reactions to any situation. We look at how your negative reactions create results that you don't want. 
I feel, with this understanding and methods taught by me, you will learn how to make new choices to fulfill your empowered intentions, thus creating a new path toward positive outcomes.
Cost off class is $390.00 per person.
Please email me: cathleen@cathleenlbalfour.com

2018 Changes to My Business News:

Appointment Scheduling Policy Update As My Business Expands

New appointment policy: Please do not bring anyone with you to share your scheduled sessions. I channel my energy for you, as well as hold the space, so I can effectively work one-on-one with you during our scheduled session. To switch my energy when other's are brought in unannounced to your session can shift Spirit's intentions for you. It takes extra time and energy to see two or more people which directly affects the next person's allotted appointment. I will no longer split a 50-minute session between two or more people.

My protocol for the day is as follows: On the morning I see my clients I tap into their energy, do a brief medical intuitive, and channel Spirit's thoughts for each individual client so I am prepared for their session. This channeling prepares me for my appointments before my day begins. It is unsettling for me, as a holistic healer, to switch my focus when other's are brought to a client's scheduled appointment. My schedule is already set up for the day and this puts me behind. It is important for me take my lunch and breaks in order to stay grounded. On my part. I will do my best to stay on task. My intention is to serve you as a clear and perfect channel at all times.

Returning appointments made in Schedulicity are for one person at a time, and each person needs their own appointment. The fee is $164.00 for 50-minutes. I would also like to remind you that I charge for emails, phone calls and extra time spent on your behalf.

I am honored, and in gratitude, that my business continues to expand and I am able to touch so many lives. In my unique position, as a sole practitioner, I am doing my best to make it work for me as well as all my clients. I love doing this work, but it is a business and I believe with my whole heart in equal energy exchange.

The best way to schedule a session is on Schedulicity. See the link below. I also see the same schedule as you do when you call me. If you have difficulty the first time setting up your appointment in Schedulicity I can walk you through the process.

I am adding the option for a two-person session. However, there will not be an option to split that appointment into two sessions if the other client fails to keep their portion of the appointment. A two-person appointment will be $290.00 which must be used for only one appointment. This way I will be energetically prepared for a a two-person session.

Thank you for understanding. Blessings c

Holistic Health and WellBeing 
Cathleen L Balfour, Health Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher