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Holistic Health and WellBeing - Holistic Practitioner, Certified Teacher, & Medical Intuitive
Cathleen’s Certifications

Cathleen is a Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, and published author. For the last 26 years, she has trained in the science and skill of spiritual energy therapy, channeling, and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual practice.

Cathleen is a person of high spiritual consciousness; she is Clairvoyant (clear vision), Clairaudient (clear hearing), and Clairsentient (clear sensing), and uses these skills and abilities to inspire and guide you, these unique and proven techniques, are designed to bring greater health and well-being to your life.
If you are interested in any of the following sessions 

All energy therapies below are used and integrated into your session:
Core Belief Analysis Therapy™ (Cathleen’s Signature Therapy)
DNA Actualization
Past/Inter-dimensional Lives
Medical Intuitive
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) /(NEAT)
Healing Touch
Cathleen's Thoughts

The true healing process many of us are undergoing is one of realigning oneself. Within your spiritual beliefs, inspired by love, describes this presence. I feel the essence of wholeness is coming back to our heart center, and that we are accessing our innate wisdom, truly feeling our connection to God’s unconditional love.

When we are loving in life, then our vibration becomes elevated and in so doing, our conscious perceptions of what is good become heightened as well.  

I call this journey the essential path of empowering self as a conscious creator. Healing is simply another word, or mindset, for creating a conscious positive outcome. We have created these disease conditions for ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously. We can also re-create new healthy conditions by 
re-aligning your energy in positive ways that express a healthier version of yourself.
I feel each of us, through self-knowledge, self- exploration and understanding of who we are, can participate actively in our health decisions by discovering the patterns of imbalances that are keeping us from optimum health and wellbeing. 

Knowledge is the key to understanding your world.

Cathleen L. Balfour is not a medical doctor and, as a Facilitator, has made no claims as to the curative effect of the energy therapy process.  To work with Cathleen each client will enter into a Client Service Agreement to receive her services with the understanding that this energy work represents a form of Spiritual/Holistic Support and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis, nor does it replace traditional medical care, or counseling.  In accepting the supportive spiritual energy work process the client must be willing to accept responsibility for any and all effects of this treatment, for yourself and anyone associated with you, and understand that Cathleen serves only to stimulate your own innate powers of wellbeing.