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Craniosacral Therapy 

Cathleen is Credited in "Ignite the Healing Process" Cross Country Education

Have you ever heard of Craniosacral Therapy?  

It is a light touch therapy dealing with the craniosacral system.  The function of the craniosacral system is the production, circulation, and the re-absorption of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  Normally, the production and re-absorption of the CSF produces a continuous rise and fall of pressure.  When there is a buildup of pressure from dysfunction in the system, it can lead to dysfunction in the body.  It is so gentle it is often used on newborn babies. Cathleen uses a soft touch, usually no greater than five grams of pressure (the weight of a nickel), to release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the function of the central nervous system.  

Cranosacral can be used as a preventative health measure for its ability to improve resistance to disease.  It is also effective for a range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction including headaches, migraines, acute and chronic pain, sinus problems, head trauma, TMJ dysfunction, and neck pain.  People have also had good results with dizziness/vertigo, ear/hearing problems, visual disturbances, depression, and short term memory loss. 

Some of the issues that craniosacral therapy has helped treat in newborns and infants are nursing issues, colic, issues with a forceps delivery, sleep disturbances, and ear infections.  In older children it can help with learning difficulties, speech disorders, ear infections, and bed wetting.

Adults Receiving Craniosacral Therapy

During the course of our lives our bodies become patterned, shaped and conditioned according to how we are able to deal with stress or trauma. If stresses or traumas are overwhelming they become locked in the body as sites of inertia until such a time as we are able to access resources that allow them to be processed and released. These sites of inertia effect the natural rhythmical movements of the Breath of Life, so hinder the ability of our essential blueprint for health to manifest at a cellular level.

Common causes of inertia are physical injuries, emotional and psychological stresses, birth trauma and toxicity. Due to an accumulation of these stresses, tissues can become imprinted with the memory of unresolved experiences and then act like a video tape which may keep replaying whenever trauma is stimulated. This work will reduce stress and rebalance the body.

When we treat the central nervous system we treat the whole body!

Benefits Men and Women