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Sacred Journey Book
Explore the Sacred
Price: $30.00
Awakening Your Light
A Chakra Clearing Meditation to Balance you on all levels.
Price: $8.00
Waves of Awakening
Healing Meditation to relieve stress and empower your immune system.
Price: $8.00
Flowing Abundance
Affirmations to inspire your life.
Price: $8.00
Sacred Print GreenMan
Canvas Print 42x42 -ready to hand
Price: $450.00
Sacred Print Red Buddha
Canvas Print 42x42-ready to hang
Price: $450.00
Divine face
Canvas Print 22 X 16 Ready to Hang
Price: $175.00
Amitabha Buddha
On Canvas not framed
Price: $60.00
Angel Walking
Canvas framed 16x22
Price: $175.00
Canvas flat 11X14
Price: $60.00
Canvas 24X16 Ready to hang
Price: $175.00

All Canvas Come in these Sizes
24 x 18  
24 x 16  
22 x16  
16 x 22  
12 x 22  

Don't see your size?

All Sacred Prints can be ordered in your specific size.

To order please contact me click here Contact Cathleen Page or call 509-473-9020