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Testimonial from Beth in Spokane WA
Febuary 2016

I first began working with Cathleen after I met her at a conference. I had recently suffered from a serious illness that had damaged some nerves in my spine and was in considerable pain, having debilitating spasms, with significantly reduced flexibility and range of motion in my extremities. She did a couple of healing facilitation sessions with me then, and I couldn't believe how much better I felt. I was so disappointed that she lived in Washington, while I lived in Nebraska at the time, as I so wanted to use her help regularly. Then she told me that she could do this work remotely! I was skeptical but was so impressed with how much she helped me that I agreed to try working with her over the phone. Over the next 2 years most of our sessions were conducted via phone (I did manage to visit her a couple of times for in person sessions). I was so grateful that these phone sessions offered me similar relief to the relief I felt when she worked on me in person. I can honestly say that without this help (even though most of it was done remotely) I would not have made the progress I have realized...no more pain meds and improved range of motion and flexibility as well as reduced spasms. I was therefore not surprised that there is scientific evidence that this kind of healing work can be conducted effectively on a remote basis. Now that I live closer, I feel blessed that I can work with her in person but always appreciate the fact that we can have equally effective sessions when I call her!  Beth 2016


Lorraine Marie, Colville, Washington
January 2016

Cathleen and distance sessions
When friends learn about my success with Cathleen, and want to know how to get in touch with her, I let them know they don’t need to travel to her office for a visit: they can do everything by phone.
It is the rare person who doesn’t have a response of disbelief. How can someone treat you if they don’t have you right there in their office? I can’t explain that, other than to say, from my understanding, distance is no barrier when divine life force energies are tapped into. As well, I’ve been accessing Cathleen’s help for over 15 years, and she’s effective whether or not she’s in the same room or on the other end of the phone line.
I recall my first experience, in 2004, with her “distance abilities.” I woke up with an unsightly burst blood vessel in my eye, which was totally out of my realm of experience. I called Cathleen for an appointment, hoping to find out what was going on. She said I did not have to come to the office, it would only take 10 minutes, and we could handle everything over the phone. She commenced to tell me what had happened: I’d been sneezing a lot (true) and the pressure of the sneezing was too much, and the sneezing was due to what she first saw as an oversaturation of a food supplement in my body. She then narrowed it down to the linseed oil I had been applying to woodwork in my house, which I had not associated with all the sneezing. She said I was sensitive to flax (ie linseed). 
She also sent me healing energies via phone and told me when it would clear up. And it did right on schedule. Since I now live an inconvenient distance from Cathleen’s office I routinely consult her via phone, which typically includes the very noticeable healing energies she channels in my direction. It’s always refreshing to hang up the phone after a consultation and notice how much better my body and my emotions feel.

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