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A Letter to Clients

As I guide you spiritually, I share truth and spiritual understanding by teaching loves pure wisdom.

I, Cathleen, have no personal agenda to my client’s process, except for holding the space of light for their highest good and empowering them to heal. I will never predict or diagnose a client, from a medical standpoint. I offer Spiritual/Holistic support and it is never intended as a means for a clinical diagnosis. I am guided through channeling on behalf of all who choose to work with me and hold the space of divine right intention and health to actualize.

I always come from a place that we all have the power to overcome any dis-ease and create health.

I do not believe in putting myself above anyone else, I am me and you are you. I teach we are all divine souls and unique beings here to understand, through unconditional love, our true authentic selves.

I believe we can come to understand ourselves and our lives on a much deeper level. Then, we gain the awareness and insight to experience life in more meaningful ways. When we connect with the divine wisdom in our hearts, life becomes simply beautiful.

I know life around us can be challenging in many ways, especially in the past two years. I, myself, have experienced the ebb and flow of life. I know that no matter what, in these moments, I am mature in my faith, spiritual guidance, and abilities, unconditionally trusting what is within me. Through empowered faith I utilize my wisdom to make decisions and navigate my life.

I believe we must all go within and find our own voice. When we are seeking outside sources to speak our truth for us, can we truly find our authentic selves?

As a practitioner, I am not here to tell anyone who they are or who they should be. I am guided to inspire my clients to learn new skills and knowledge. I offer guidance and wisdom and hold each client accountable so that they can engage healthfully within themselves and with the world around them. This empowers them to ultimately grow though the hardships and embrace a balanced life.

This does not mean that you never seek guidance or support from others. It means that you are being asked to surrender ideas about what enlightenment or spiritual growth looks like and realize it is already emerging within you. Genuine guidance will be uplifting, helpful, and heart centered. Although sometimes it may ask you to take a leap of faith that challenges you, true guidance will always prove itself. The divine will only ask of you what is right and just for your highest good.

If we accept direction from our spiritual knowledge, it will help us filter through our psychological programs, our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. By creating these new habits and patterns we become more aligned with what we would like to experience in our lives.

This work requires great patience, persistent and application to be achieved, there is no instant fix. Yet, with divine blessings and intention, we are lifted out of our old ways and learn to stand in the new vibration of our own divine power.

Through spirit I inspire my clients in spiritual health, personal growth, and in reaching their fullest potential gracefully. My intention is to support each client in gaining greater knowledge of self and growing closer to the truth of who they are.

Thank you for taking this intimate journey with me and engaging in this work and giving me the opportunity to share my gifts with you. I am honored and more importantly, thank you for who you are in this world. This world needs your unique magical light.

Love and Blessing c

This letter will be sent out annually as a reminder of my services.

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