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Creating a Path to Freedom

Creating a Path to Freedom

During the next couple weeks, until the Solar Eclipse passes, the energy around us is going to feel intense. The good news is the unresolved emotions, or uncomfortable situations, that come to light in our consciousness can be examined and understood. We need to take time to look at the dark side of ourselves and shift it into a consciousness of understanding and freedom. The Solar Eclipse enacts the union of light and shadow, which embodies a deep transformation of all that is a perceived illusion and shows us the truth good or bad.

Magic Moments

Magic Moments
Cathleen L. Balfour
"Magic is a word for using our divine intention and spiritual vision strengthening our heart connection with Source, which guides us to co-create something wonderful in our everyday life. When we choose to manifest for the highest good for self and others, the benefits are astoundingly beautiful. Beautifully aligned with good!"
Life's magical journey is to cultivate a life full of health, integrity, love, honesty and goodness.

Wonderful Life

Sharing My Christmas Favorites! 
A couple of my favorite Christmas time movies are, "A Christmas Carol" and "It's a Wonderful Life".

I am sure most of you are familiar with these two movies. I watch them every year for entertainment and inspirational purposes. 
The message of each is living consciously in the Light of God. Each characters, life is shaped partly by their effect on others. George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life) sees that his life IS worth living, though it seems to him like he's made a chaotic mess of his life.

Spring Clean Your Mind, Body & Spirit!

Hello Spiritual Family,

Spring Clean Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Spring is a time of growth and renewal a fertile time for flowers to bloom, sun to shine and new intentions to blossom. Let's brush off any lingering winter blues with spring cleaning in mind, body and spirit, so we can feel our best as we swing into Summer. 

Helpful Tip

Start a Gratitude Journal

Practice gratitude - The small but profound act of practicing gratitude can help restore feelings of happiness, optimism and contentment, a daily antidote to feelings of negativity, stress and fear of the future.

Predications for 2016

Cathleen's predictions for 2016!
Worry will get us absolutely know where!
We will be responsible for how we respond and feel!
When unhappy, we will have a better understanding that is up to us as we have the power to change it!
When we focus on goodness more goodness will come our way!
If we choose to love ourself... love will conquer all!
When we are lonely we will choose to reach out!
When life is not working we will change it up for the better!
We will no longer be victims of anything!
We will see life safe!

How can we stay centered while moving through our personal growth

"Cathleen, sigh, can't we just move through this personal growth process any faster?" 
Well, I can myself, definitely be impatient at times. I keep being shown, no matter how impatient we are and what we have to deal with, we cannot rush true evolution. Spiritual awareness toward personal growth is a process that helps us become a more courageous, less reactive, and an all-around healthier person. Through conscious awareness we become more than the ego's fear-based thoughts, to hear what we feel is true, a journey that moves us closer to being able to love unconditionally.

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Creating a Path to Freedom
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Wonderful Life
Spring Clean Your Mind, Body & Spirit!
Predications for 2016


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