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Cathleen's Spiritual Journey

“​Cathleen believes committing to the divine truth of who we are will empower us beyond our wildest dreams."

Cathleen is a leading authority in alternative medicine: is a holistic health practitioner, medical medium, educator, teacher, author, speaker, missionary, and sacred art photographer. She has been in practice for 28 years and is trained in the science of spiritual energy therapy, including channeling, guiding and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual journey.


Always expanding her knowledge base, Cathleen has extensively studied theology, the study of the nature of the Divine. Perhaps the simplest way of characterizing the relation between theology and spirituality is to suggest that theory (thought), and spirituality (practice) can work together to help us express our true self. She believes this gives us an understanding of life and love and helps us to lead our lives in grace.


“Change, like healing, takes time.” ― Veronica Roth


As a holistic health practitioner Cathleen believes life, as we know it, with its constant demands, distractions, deadlines, and obligations can cause stress. Stress is so common that it has become a way of life. When constantly in this mode we get lost and eventually our minds and bodies take on extreme tiredness which leads to physical or mental fatigue or illness. Cathleen will guide you to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, and how to take postive steps to reduce its harmful effects. Through this process we create balanced and healthy lifestyles.


"Explore Cathleen's website and discover the tools that are available to assist you in this healing process.”

Cathleen believes we have seven life energy centers which are: Subtle Body (represents interconnection with life); Spiritual (represents divine connection); Emotional (represents feeling of life); Chi (represents the spark of life); Potential (represents the fuel of life); Psychic (represents awareness of life); and Change (represents all of life's movement).


Workshops, classes and retreats play an important part of Cathleen's practice. She offers small classes and larger interactive workshops. Retreats, guided by Cathleen, inspire life-changing holistic experiences. While exploring beautiful surroundings and accommodations, she guides you to focus on personal growth, healing and daily meditation.


Photography is the way Cathleen captures sacred beauty through the eyes of Spirit. Her office setting abounds with pictures of Buddha, Deities, and sunsets all of which are available to purchase.


Cathleen is a member of the American Holistic Health Association, American International Spiritual Touch Association, International Assembly of Spiritual Teachers, and Agape Ministries.


"Spiritual healing is about finding a connection to something greater than yourself, a sense of virtue or meaning that all is well, God, a higher power or some sense of higher truth, beauty or sacredness in our everyday life." clb

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