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Compassion Heals

Kuan Yin through Cathleen L. Balfour

The Council for Lightworkers through Cathleen L. Balfour

Kuan Yin, Lord Sananda, Brigit, St Germain, Lady Nada, Buddha, Vywamus

April 22, 2020

Greetings to all lightworkers. I am Kuan Yin. I am here to speak to you on behalf of your council for lightworkers. It is always our pleasure to offer divine love to all humanity. I am the bodhisattva of compassion, mercy and kindness. I Am your sister who hears your cries in the world. I am your Mother Goddess. I am your family. I come to bring you the energy of peace and love so that you can proceed with wisdom and understanding on your path to meet the true inner needs of your soul. I am here to inspire and assist you to remove obstacles, erase all past offenses, and bestow mercy and spiritual grace.

Blessings, dear ones. There is no need, during this world health situation, to push against the negative forces coming at you. There is no need to struggle, rush anything out of the way, or work against your beloved selves. Please know that I am always here to support and guide you as we navigate through these times of uncertainty. Knowledge is power, and I am committed to supporting you. With the energy and information given through this channel, you can alleviate any fears you may have and receive answers to your questions.

This virus has forced each of you to tap into your higher-conscious vibrational level of divine peace. By turning your fears and frustration into gratitude, you will realize that you are safe in the moment. This is the moment to awaken and unite your conscious mind for the highest good

of all concerned. Coming from a higher state of mind and spiritual intention supports a calming environment. This awareness conveys solidarity, compassion and empathy for others, which results in mindfulness -- thus creating inner and outer peace.

Consider World Health

Your unexpected participation in the world health situation has many levels, and there is much to be healed. Humans are in the crux of a massive shift in consciousness, and these changes will get your attention.  This is a wake-up call, and I am guiding you to help the world find balance. All experiences of unconditional love transcend fear-based dualities: male and female,  as well as all races, cultures, religions, and economic systems. All of you are equal children of God/Goddess and must understand and change the way discord, selfishness and over-consumption affect everything on the living planet.

Throughout human history, the word "epidemic" has been overwhelmingly scary; it sends humanity into fear. I, Kuan Yin, assure you that there is less to be afraid of than you may think.  When the world’s health is brought into divine alignment, you will no longer give your power to fear. It is, however, understandable that fear can get your attention. It is impossible to think clearly when you are flooded with fear or anxiety. Calm down and think from a more empowered place. Thinking with a Divine mind will comfort you and help you to feel safe. Only then will you remember who you are with no illusions that your world is in chaos and turmoil.

Trust and Have Faith

Everyone, including we who are on the other side of the veil, plays a part in the evolution of humankind. When living in divine trust and faith, all can see the light of divine progression. If not, panic can have a tumultuous affect on human emotions. Humanity is being propelled into a period of discoveries and breakthroughs that will forever alter the course of all lives. Each of you must be willing to surrender fears of the unknown and come together as one. This conscious shift will inspire all humans to be more tolerant of each other.

If you are reading this, you are a lightworker and were chosen for the task. Your purpose as a lightworker is to hold the space of enlightenment for all the inhabitants of your beautiful living planet Earth. Your intentions will create the true divine spirit of oneness, aligning sentient beings and raising the vibration of all concerned. I comfort you. Your human role is to hold the energy for each other close to your hearts in the present moment with gratitude and appreciation. I can assure that you are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Connect to goodness from the inside out, not the outside in, without relying on outside forces, which all come from the ego.

Surrender and Be Calm

In the next year, you humans must discover new ways to surrender, relax and embrace your divine nature. Tapping into a positive omnipotent consciousness will move you forward in your divine truth, bringing about an alchemical shift while revitalizing and purifying your DNA.

However, God’s plan is to renew Earth. Holy energy, innate within you, will guide you to create heaven on Earth. It is like a big, dazzling, light-filled wave washing through the entire field of human thoughts, actions and feelings, calling each of you to awaken.

This wave of light-filled energy can alter perceived reality. It can seem like nothing remains of the old and familiar in relationships, work, or daily life. This may make some of you feel uncomfortable, and that is when remaining calm and surrendering come into play. Surrendering requires an elevated, ego-diminished, non-judgmental and non-harmful state of mind. It creates an awareness that is connected to the heart’s wisdom and to natural divine laws -- harmonious, loving and peaceful. This energy is physical-spiritual and encourages all humans to move out of fear-based consciousness. By tuning into the divine consciousness and focusing on your faith in "Godness," together you will be able to benevolently resolve situations that come your way. Be aware that hope lives in the mind and faith is steeped in the heart.

Becoming Aware

Coming from a place of peace brings your awareness into the present moment, where you see, sense, and feel clarity surround you. You need to envision positive outcomes for this moment while holding inner peace. All the while, stay grounded and inspire others to be calm, pray for each other, and find balance in everything. The way to stop living in fear is to stay calm and not panic. I cannot say this enough. You can choose to stay out of the madness and drama.  You can be mindful and create your own safe space. Each of you must practice not to giving your power to fear and, through intention, return to peace of mind. You are going to get through this, because you are strong and resilient.

In January 2020, the planets Jupiter and Pluto joined in the ninth house of belief and higher consciousness to release all stagnant, unconscious, and fear-based teachings that no longer serve humankind. These beliefs or values can be applied to humans economically and politically and affect all religious theories. This energy creates circumstances that release rigid, fearful emotions that do not serve the highest good of all concerned. To combat the low energy field, you must realign your faith in humankind and all that is good in the universe.

As lightworkers, you must stand in your true power and not be victimized by outside, fear-based projections. I, Kuan Yin, want to remind you: You create your own reality. If you give power to outside, lower vibrational sources, you lose hope. However, it is difficult for you to think clearly when you are constantly flooded with predictions and illusions of doom and

gloom. I am, as all ascended masters on the council are, guiding you to make life on your planet thrive for all during this advanced state of evolution. Think clearly, stay calm and take whatever precautions are needed to make yourself and others feel safe. Most of all, stay heart-centered and have divine faith that all is well in your world.

Serve in Love

You are not here as lightworkers to serve fear. You are here to serve and implement the frequencies of love. If fear anchors in your energy, call on us and we will assist you to shift to divine consciousness. Together, with unconditional love, we will inspire Earth changes and the

ascension of planet Earth into the fifth-dimensional realm, the New Earth. As you will see, sense and feel, this realm is much lighter, than the third-dimensional and fourth-dimensional realms. Because of this, all of you will be able to have a deeper awareness of one another's suffering, and manifest empathy.

The coronavirus has offered all humans a conscious choice to stay on Earth or to go. For those of you who have chosen to stay, this is your divine life path. As for those who have chosen to go, we must also honor their life path. However, by choosing to stay, you are expressing the essence of respectful compassion. As lightworkers, you present yourselves as guides and teachers of the fifth dimension -- a dimension of equality that represents the highest levels of love, understanding, acceptance and recognition of every individual’s journey. You are here as lightworkers to teach and respond from a secure fifth-dimensional reality by surpassing your ego. This means you are capable of maintaining a higher level of integrity as you help guide one another toward spiritual growth and enlightenment.

You, as a lightworker -- a divine embodiment of the light -- acknowledge a personal spiritual connection to God. When you combine your energies as lightworkers, you send out waves of divine truth that create a superconsciousness of humankind, transcending the lower ego.

Think Positive Thoughts

You are not here to participate in the virus. By staying positive, setting your intention to be healthy, and trusting your spiritual beliefs inspired by love, trust, and prayer, you can feel and benefit from the essence of wholeness. I am evaluating and guiding your innate wisdom so that you will trust your divine connection to God's grace and healing vibration. When you love and trust yourselves, your unique vibrations become elevated, and your conscious perceptions of who you are as unique individuals become stronger. You then have more power over your lives and do not have to blindly follow fear-based collective consciousness.

I, Kuan Yin, assure you that the evolutionary healing process your people are undergoing is one of realigning the fear-based self to embrace the true inner needs of divine souls. Souls can feel the light essence of wholeness that leads to a healthier world. Your light conveys an absence of darkness and a quality that will inspire and guide you through these challenging, troubled times and feelings of being victimized; through this, fear has less power over humanity.

I leave you with positive intentions and a prayer for your future, bestowing on you compassion, mercy, and spiritual grace. 

Lightworkers Cleansing Prayer

As a lightworker, I open my heart wide to receive the grace of God. I ask that all God’s children receive universal love and light. May all be healed in body, mind, and spirit. I ask that our world be healed and cleansed and that God’s healing power of peace penetrates everyone and everything. Divine grace knows what needs to be healed and what miracles need to actualize. I choose to feel the outpouring of God’s love in my body, mind and spirit. I readily accept the healing power of God’s grace in my life now. So it is done.

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