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I Am Becoming Joy

By: Cathleen L. Balfour

Channeled Article Published in Sedona Journal Emergence April 2007 Issue

The Council for Lightworkers through Cathleen L. Balfour

Blessings, dear ones, we are here today to speak to an issue that we feel to be of grand importance. We are assembled as the Council for Lightworkers (Lord Sananda, Brigit, St Germain, Lady Nada, Buddha, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin) to help guide you along into the transition of wholeness, which is your divine birthright –the joy of being I Am Spirit-- and to remind you that aligning to God isn’t a goal to be achieved--God is who you are. We call on Lightworkers to aid in this divine transformation to oneness. Lightworkers are the key to helping humanity through this shift.

We are pleased with the many light changes that you as Lightworkers have made in your inner realities, as well as in your Earth realities. You are releasing your illusions of powerlessness and replacing them with higher, more expansive and empowering thought forms. We celebrate these accomplishments, for they are coming from the highest levels of love. We are overcome with Joy as you continue unfolding your

inner truth.

We encourage all lightworkers to connect with other lightworkers. You are all in this together, and each of you has your part to play on Earth at this time. The divine energies of love that link you together are what will ultimately deliver humanity into the consciousness of wholeness. Connecting with other lightworkers will help energize and inspire you to explore your greatest potential of love. Together you can rebuild your kingdom of God. Every time lightworkers unite with others who are living within this innate awareness, it empowers humankind as a whole.

Lightworkers have never been better equipped to succeed and are being supported and assisted by lightbeings in all realms of existence. Know that the rewards awaiting you are beyond your comprehension. Remain steadfast in your essence, in your Joy. This is humanity’s destiny. Together, you cannot and will not fail. The divine power of love and protection envelop you. Do not look to the future; be willing to stay in the moment, and know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Affirm often: This moment is perfect, and I am centered in the power of my God presence. It sustains and empowers me to live my true Joy.

Joy Is a Spiritual Knowingness That Resonates Within

In the confusion of the process called life, humans are struggling with how to experience their divine birthright of joy. We hope our guidance will help everyone remember Joy is not something to strive to become --it is who you are. We promise you that as you draw forth and integrate more God light into body, mind, and spirit, and as you continue this process of returning to your right state of joy, you are already creating from your true essence. As you actualize your wholeness, it is vital to understand that you are already one with this presence. This presence is your essential nature.

What, then, is joy? It is not simply a peace of mind; joy is more than peace. It is a spiritual knowingness that resonates within your soul. It is knowing that everything is, as humans say, right within the universe. It is the essence of your heart, and when you speak from that essence, you once again connect to the divine within. This connection vibrates from your heart center, lifts you up and fills you with compassion, love and understanding. It is sustained by accepting this simple truth: You are not separate from God, and there is nothing separating you from your own God presence -- a connection that always was, is and will be. What could be more joy-filled than embracing this invisible life essence, this joy?

You Are an Intrinsic Part of the Plan

You are all blessed and guided by God Source and us in the spiritual realms. Keep building your kingdom of living joy; keep striving to reclaim your divine birthright, your connection to God. Continue to care for one another as unique creations of God. Support one another through your spiritual growth and enlightenment, where together you can connect—or reconnect--with the innate nature of joy. Always remind one another that Joy is who you are. It is easy to get caught up in life’s illusion and forget that you are on Earth to evolve into alignment with your God presence: joy.

Blessed be, dear ones, for all your work. You are an intrinsic part of the plan on Earth at this time and are greatly loved and honored by us on the other side of this very thin veil. As you honor and love us, we do the same for you. With great blessings and gratitude, we are your guides and loved ones, the Council for Lightworkers. We leave you with this prayer as a gift:

This moment is perfect, and I am centered in the power of my God presence. It sustains and empowers me to live my true joy. I choose to awaken to my wholeness, my divine birthright. In the light, I am no longer asleep. I am the light. I am God…I am. 

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