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Holistic Health and WellBeing 

2019/2022 ​Newsletter Excerpts 

by Cathleen L. Balfour

Sharing of Cathleen's Published Material

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Holistic Health and WellBeing.

Inspiration of May

May 2023

Are You Ready To Create Healthy New Friendships?

This month’s energy gives you the opportunity to expand your friendships in healthy new ways.

By connecting with love hearted spiritual friends, family, and colleges, you can focus on being in alignment and in harmony with all your relationships. By staying present and maintaining gratitude for all relationships past and present, you get the opportunity to learn more about yourself through mirrored experiences.

A great deal of research has shown that gratitude helps us to initiate, maintain, and strengthen our relationships. Along with gratitude, respect makes all our relationships closer, more satisfying, and encourages us to feel more invested.

When you surround yourself with healthier relationships, your self-esteem grows and you create a constant feedback loop of harmony, excitement, and inspiration. The vibration of kindred souls can also influence your likelihood of manifesting a more balanced life.

I am guided that we are here to inspire and support each other in healthy relationships. We each have our own path and it takes courage to only be responsible for ourselves. Through divine free will each of us has been given the divine right to choose our own experiences. When we care about someone, we must give him or her the respect to be who they are. 💜 Blessings c 

Affirmations for Friendships

  • I only attract positive relationships.

  • I am a magnet for loving relationships

  • The right friendships will appear in my life in Divine time.

  • I trust that I will attract healthy people into my world.

  • I love myself first, and so I attract others that love themselves.

Moments Of Inspiration

April 2023

Practice You: What are my Divine Intentions for today?April will bring to you a multitude of moments that will inspire you to trust your intuition (aka, Divine inner voice) as you become more authentically you. This month’s energy will ask you to embrace your true purpose as you better understand what you bring into the world. Pay close attention to your intuition and what you’re being guided to create. As I have always said, knowledge is power and connecting to Divine truth for the highest good will allow you to speak your truth for your benefit, as well as others.

Your authentic voice has no hidden agenda or underlying selfish motives, all it wants is what’s best for you. The more you give it power, trusting it, and listening to it, the more it will positively influence your creative life. Remember, your inner voice speaks the truth and is always guiding you. The truth is clear, profound, and healing, and it resonates in a way that other ideas do not. Your inner voice exists for no other reason than to serve your highest good. It wants to help you achieve your dreams, to “create contentment” for yourself, and all that surrounds you.

Your inner voice is your guiding light when it comes to living in a truly authentic way. If you can learn to trust your inner voice unconditionally, you will not be disappointed or lead astray. If you allow it to, your inner voice will lead you to meaningful experiences that inspire you to “create a blissful life.” clb 

Intentional Work

Intentional work is a way to understand more about yourself and your inner guidance. When you develop your intuition you can make better decisions, find meaning and contentment, and create a richer life for yourself and everyone around you.

In addition to being aware of your life, being intentional is how you are able to choose what your life looks like. Being intentional about your life is: Choosing to consciously live on purpose, Recognizing that you are your own best expert,

Believing that you have a choice about what your life looks like.

When you believe in your ability to shape a life of balance, you unlock your ability to be intentional and create your life in a more beautiful, true, and fulfilling way. Choosing consciously in each moment is part of doing the work; this is how to build a life of love. Being intentional means believing you have a say about who you are becoming, what your life looks like, and that you have the best insight for your wellbeing and purpose. clb

Health Tips

Barometric pressure, also known as atmospheric pressure, is the force or weight of the air around us. It is important to know that as the barometric pressure changes it can affect you physically and emotionally. As the barometric pressure drops and the weather becomes worse, it becomes heavier and can create headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears and a bit of moodiness. As the barometric pressure increases and the weather gets better, the physical body feels lighter as the density falls away, and other physical symptoms are relieved. If you want to learn how to adjust your body during changes in barometric pressure, talk to me about it in your next session. clb

Path To Finding Self

March 2023

Your spiritual journey is an essential path of empowering self and taking full responsibility as a conscious creator. You can, in each moment, choose to create new healthier conditions by re-aligning your energies through positive intentions. How? This can be done through self-knowledge, self- exploration, and an understanding of who you are as an individual.

As we enter the energy of Aries, there is plenty to see and experience as you become more authentic. This month's energy will give you a fresh new perspective when you think through a fresh mindset. You will benefit from developing a new level of courage even if you have to "fake it until you make it."

Look at those around you and appreciate what makes them unique. When you allow yourself to be inspired, you can identify your own unique qualities and bring them to fruition. Remember: the Universe has your back, ask and you will receive, and everything will happen in Divine timing for your highest good. Be patient as you continue on your path of empowering self. clb

Creating Change

February 2023

Are you the type of person who pays attention and notices what you truly need or works for you? This month is about being mindful and paying attention to the appropriate time to speak up and express your truth, as you choose to be the trendsetter or leader in your life. Being a leader can be a bit overwhelming, so be fair to yourself when working to inspire change.

It's important to know that you have an abundance of wisdom, but you have to be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone to create your best life. Believe that the impossible is possible and have the courage to live a life from love, not fear.

Imagine that you wake up every day filled with confidence that you have an important purpose for the day. Remember, everything is perspective. How you perceive life is what you will experience and create. So, if the concept of "ask and you shall receive" truly exists, then be mindful of setting intentions to create consciously for your day. Again, believe that the impossible is possible and have the courage to live life for your highest good. clb

Authentic Self Expression

January 2023

These past few years have been challenging you to trust and be yourself more than ever. Your expression of self-worth goes beyond who society says you should be. You get to decide who you are and what you believe. You do not have to live up to anyone’s expectations or be limited by fear of the unknown.

By channeling your Divine consciousness, you will be inspired to embrace each moment of life as it unfolds naturally. There will always be someone who is going to tell you ‘The sky is falling,’ but does it really ever fall? I’m not saying that life does not have its challenges, but I am guided to teach that we create our own reality. What you think and imagine within your conscious and subconscious mind will manifest quickly, so be mindful of what you are believing, thinking, and saying.

As you step into this new year, set your intentions to focus on gratitude for who you are and where you are on your path. It starts with changing your perspective and staying in a loving mindset. Loving yourself authentically and showing hope, kindness, and compassion will create a richness of self-value. clb

Staying Centered During The Holidays

December 2022

Are you experiencing long term stress and exhaustion? Let's get centered and peaceful before the holidays get here.

Any kind of exhaustion, physical, emotional or mental, can make it feel like we have no power or control over what happens in life. Daily stress and anxiety are normal, but overtime, long term stress can take a toll on our body. Fatigue leads to overthinking which the ego loves because then it is in control and our conscious mind takes a back seat....and that is when exhaustion and overwhelm sets in.

Physical exhaustion is when our body experiences extreme persistent tiredness. It should not be taken lightly and is a type of fatigue that completely drains our energy. When we are physically exhausted, we can be low on motivation and focus. This makes our tasks more tedious and difficult.

Emotional exhaustion develops in response to what we’re feeling. We may develop it when we process sadness, frustration, anxiety, and overwhelm. We may face emotional exhaustion when dealing with families or life changing situations. Emotional fatigue can shorten your attention span and concentration, which can make you feel anxious or irritable.

Mental exhaustion on the other hand stems from too much mental strain, like if you have a long day at work and spend too much time on complex tasks. This leads to our cognitive abilities being compromised, and you become so tired that even the simplest of decisions seem daunting.

Though exhaustion can feel overwhelming, it is not a state we have to tolerate. We can shift into mindfulness which will bring us back to the present moment and reduce stress. If you have a hard time coming back into the moment, call on the Angels and Ascended Masters.

To reduce stress, here is a mantra you can say:

I choose peace and all is well.

Then if you still have a hard time, here are a few other ways to recenter in the moment:

Creating and staying with a morning routine – this starts the day off with success (for me, it is Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!).

Eliminate obligation - instead of working from a place of obligation, shoulds and coulds, work from a place of putting yourself and your needs first instead of everyone else's.

Acts of service – in a way that feels right for you.

Practicing mindful meditation – 30 minutes a day will calm your nervous system and recenter you.

Starting a gratitude practice – reminds you how wonderful life really is.

Exercising – 30 minutes a day will re-ground you and produce more endorphins (our natural feel-good chemicals)

Breathing - do not forget to breathe, and have fun! clb

Restoring The Sacred Within

November 2022

Just like that…we are already preparing to welcome in 2023. The roaring ‘20s has been a continued time of unprecedented change. The end of this year marks the final stages of several years of deep work on trust and has challenged our personal power. We did a wonderful job of staying out of the chaos and as the veil of fear continues to lift we intend that love will prevail.

It is time to consciously clean up our energy from the past two years. As lightworkers, we are up to the task of restoring what is sacred within us and all of humanity. All the journeys that we have taken into the unknown have revealed our truest Divine heart, even as many unsettling things (from unconsciousness) have been exposed and brought to the light.

Now, is the time to seize the opportunity to integrate and blend these new discoveries into the abundant sense of who we are and what we are here to achieve. It is important that we continue to embrace an abundance mentality as we choose to stay positive. Staying in an optimistic mindset will lead us to greater creativity, gratitude, appreciation and trust.

Through the knowledge of our divine heart, we have the ability to tap into our higher consciousness and hold the space of goodness for all of humanity. clb

Falls Embrace

October 2022

From the magnificent colored leaves falling from the trees to the sweet smell of pumpkin spice, there’s a bit of magic when it comes to the fall season. Let’s take the time to "stop and smell the roses" (in this case pumpkin spice), as it is important for both our emotional and physical health. Fall is the perfect time to focus on making positive changes and from an energetic standpoint this makes complete sense. As the seasons change, the energy of our surroundings change, and thus we also change.

The wisdom of your own body can ground you, take your enormous capacity for honesty and intensity, depth and passion, and turn it into soil you can fully root into. What in your life is not fully in alignment with who you really want to be? Fall is here to show us how beautiful it can be to shed what no longer serves, to allow for new things to be created.

October’s energy will ask you to explore the values of how you live your life, to become more authentically you. It will ask you to revisit the narratives that have guided you and given you a sense of self, to recognize what holds you back so that you can work to set yourself free. Your personal values are the key to living a successful and happy life on your own terms. When you take the time to align with your core values, and structure your life around your highest good on a regular basis, you will innately start to feel fortunate about your life choices, because you’re doing what you need to do to fill yourself up. clb

Grace-Filled Healing

September 2022

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” – Buddha

This month is about returning to your divine blueprint and removing any negative emotions that keep you from healing. Understanding your role is vital to this healing process.

I know that some of you may feel like you have been working on the same issues for years. And you have for lifetimes. Now is the time to energetically recognize and clear all negative core beliefs that have followed you. This will allow you to understand your physical, emotional, and mental bodies on a deeper level.

As you grow older, you have the opportunity to reflect on the natural aging process, and embrace it. It is time to dig deep and heal all wounds created from this lifetime as well as lifetimes past. It is time to acknowledge why you are still dealing with the same patterns repeatedly. You know your rhythms and health better than anyone else. Be mindful and present in the moment. It is important to be attuned to your body and listen to what it needs.

You must choose to work with your health and wellbeing gracefully. It is always your choice. When you consciously intend to be in a state of health and take the opportunity to look within, healing will occur in Divine timing.

Spiritual health is an interwoven connection to our physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as our social environment. Maintaining good spiritual health involves going within your mind and body, and living authentically and in alignment with your true self. Healing work requires great patience, persistence and application to be achieved, there is no instant fix. clb

Patience is the key to healing. When we connect with the divine wisdom in our hearts, life becomes simply beautiful, and we nourish ourselves on a higher level. clb

August Embrace

August 2022

August 2022 is the perfect time to call in new manifestations and desires.

The first part of August may feel a bit off, but keep in mind that ultimately, this is leading us to a more authentic and awakened state. This is the perfect time to root out what is no longer serving us, inspiring us to turn our biggest obstacles into personal growth.

As most of you know this month begins under the Sun in Leo. The warmest time of the year in which we are being guided to have fun and shine our light on the world. The light of summer will guide us to embrace our confidence, sacredness, and our personal ambitions as we shape our life authentically.

This energy will awaken our heart center to heal, purify and nurture on every level, leaving us connected to the love and compassion of The Divine source. All we need to do, is listen and allow our natural state of Divine oneness to re-emerge through this powerful spiritual experience that is August. clb

Celebrate The Ordinary

July 2022

Summertime is a time to celebrate the ordinary, a reason to look on the bright side of things. This magical season is symbolic of growth, celebration and enjoying the sunshine, at least when looking at it from a spiritual perspective. Even though it has been a long road for personal and planetary growth, as the planet continues to work through this growth, you as a Lightworker will continue to feel lighter, freer and more alive as summer unfolds.


The energy unfolding in the next few months will be the perfect time to check in on your work-life balance and choose to take care of you. You can’t burn a candle from both ends, so revamp your schedule in a way that allows you to stay on top of your responsibilities, but also leaves plenty of room for fun, celebration, and self-care.


The Sun’s journey through Cancer is also encouraging you to follow your intuition and prioritize what you are passionate about doing. This summer, as you kick back with friends and family, or take a well-deserved vacation to recharge your energy, summer will be a time to celebrate your freedom. Each new day offers us countless opportunity to consciously choose to live joyfully. clb


Inspiration Abounds

June 2022​

June's energy brings with it an abundance of inspirational insight. The message from the Universe is to inspire you to live your life according to your authentic nature. Ultimately, when you are authentic, you open yourself to the worthiness that you deserve to be connected and live joyfully.

Summer starts on June 21st and will be the perfect time to reconnect you with your energetic creative self. Therefore, allowing you to manifest what makes you happy. You are full of marvelous and creative ideas which means this is an excellent time to start inspirational projects.

When life is in balance and in tune your intention is in alignment with your creative flow. This allows you to be fully present and immersed in your creation as you genuinely create new projects that have a meaningful impact on your life. Blessings clb

Grow and Shine

May 2022​

May will bring positive changes to all of us. This is an ideal time to spend time focusing on better health and wellbeing. Start walking, exercise, garden, or any other activity that helps us feel more inspired.

It is also the perfect time to let go of what we think we should do, and instead, choose to live life from the heart of compassion, pouring forth spiritual strength that will inspire us. Compassion is in our heart to free us from fear and live a joyful life. Be prepared to grow and shine in the coming months.  Blessings c

Spiritual Freedom

April 2022

Spiritual freedom is a consciousness that we are in divine alignment with our Soul’s sentient intelligence. The Soul is the witness taking in our experiences, always observing, and in quiet times if we listen, offering invaluable guidance.

The Soul is our closest aspect to our Divine Creator, which means to be in alignment with our Soul, which will allow us to be more in touch with our still small voice that is our natural inheritance. At our best, each of us is a channel through which divine wisdom flows. We must be sensitive to the inner guidance that provides us with the intuitive knowing we require. That voice is a bridge to knowing Self.

Spiritual freedom allows us to create a space of being that is in complete alignment with the Spirit of God, where nothing is missing, and everything is divine. Even as our everyday lives continue to evolve, we create from our Soul’s space of “trust” where we are motivated by the depth of the divine presence of unconditional love.

True freedom is when you understand and are willing to create what is for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned with harm to no one. By channeling spiritual freedom, we don’t have to hold ourselves back on any level. We can embrace our compassion, our intelligence, our power, our wisdom, and embrace our capacity to love life.

Unifying with our Soul will inspire us by increasing our awareness of the heavenly spiritual forces that permeate not only our lives, but also our universe. When we believe that we are worthy, we create more love, light, and blessings, where all that is needed is eternally available for our creation.  Blessing c

Empowered Guidance​

March 2022

This months energy is about owning the truth of our unique values. As we enter into March we need to think beyond our ideals and ideas. We naturally have woven into the fiber (bones, muscles, nerves) of our being, a way to live for what we value, and then create it. The energy will continue through this year then slow down, and become less heavy. A simple shift in what we think can make all the difference in what happens next for us as lightworkers. We must tap into and become familiar with our own instincts. If we learn to turn inwards we will discover, if we haven’t already, that each of us possess an empowered guidance system.

We are all blessed with a divine guidance system and the more we learn to listen to it and use it, the more confident, optimistic, and clear we will become. Each time we trust ourselves, we will flow in our own unique abilities to create what is for our highest good.

Deep personal work on self will challenge our energies. As we explore our role in the world, recognize the pitfalls and our need for balance and love.

How do you do this gracefully?

Pay attention to what you are feeling and sensing. The more you explore the deeper realms of consciousness, the easier it will be for you to move forward in your divine grace.

Blessings c

Higher Love and Inspiration
February 2022 

February's 2021 energy is driven by Neptune, the planet of higher love and inspiration. Valentine’s Day is the most powerful day this month. Its energy inspires us to connect and embrace our advanced knowledge of the divine process for creating happiness, while strengthening our gift of vision to enlightenment. Those of us that want to evolve into a more conscious way of life will be rewarded. It is time to let our souls be happy and have fun once again. We have been worried and overwhelmed long enough.

Remember that we were created from light and love and we can't let the challenges we encountered last year dominate our future actions. Our loving intentions will determine how this month will play out. Our state of mind has influence over our moods, relationships, and our overall well-being. Take positive action to shift back to happiness. Blessings c

The Year of the Tiger
January 2022

The Year of the Tiger, 2022, will be a year of slow healing and regeneration rather than quick changes. January is the month to start looking at the future as a positive clear path. Prioritizing what is truly important and creating a more stable year is the 2022 theme. We are not working for a perfect life, but a calmer more peace-filled one.

The tiger energy brings into the New Year powerful healing, and focused passion. It is a time to be brave and act on your gut instincts and trust your intuition. This energy inspires us to seek freedom and blaze new healthy paths. Regardless of the obstacles in our way, we must pursue our goals and intentions. Tiger energy correlates to the free-thinking nonconformist sign of Aquarius, which challenges us to take our ideas and bring them into reality. Blessings, c

2021 Newsletters 

Winter's Magical Season

December 2021

December 2021 marks the completion of the disruptive and unsettling energies that we have navigated through in the past several months. It is now time to look within ourselves, and recognize the gifts and blessings received during this uncharted chaotic time in our lives.

What unknown energies may be hiding in the realm of winter's sacred darkness?

Winter is the time for us to go into the darkness, allow our eyes to adjust, and relax into the vast darkness. Under the cover of darkness, regenerative healing takes place. This is when dream medicine heals us as we sleep, releasing the dark shadows that haunt us.

Using this knowledge, to find our lost and forgotten self, each of us must take stock of all we have learned about ourselves this past year. This, combined with self-love, faith, gratitude, and tapping into our divine wisdom, centers our hearts.

Trusting all is well, we see the glow that brings darkness to light, revealing secrets and awakening our senses to a rich and magical world of divine creation. Blessings, clb

Journey to Spiritual Health

November 2021

What does it mean to have spiritual health and wellness? How can you achieve it on a daily basis?

Spiritual health and wellness can be hard to grasp, but through clear focus and intention it is absolutely attainable. Spiritual energy is not limited to time and space. Humanity is always connected to the infinite intelligence that supports all life. The pure consciousness that resides in the soul’s essence (divine blueprint) is an ever-present healing source.

Your divine blueprint spells out who you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It holds the key to your God-given health in all ways.

As humans, always in this pure energy, we have the innate ability to heal, and provide the power to create perfection. The divine thoughts created by this power enter into everyday consciousness and become reality. Spiritual development and personal growth cannot be separated. The path of spiritual wellness can evolve in many ways; from meditation, prayer, positive affirmations, energy therapies, and spiritual mentoring.

Being empowered spiritually, assists in promoting inner peace and a feeling of wholeness. Inner exploration will inspire you to achieve a divine state of awareness. Through self-actualization and by implementing your divine soul-based resources you will realize your own strengths and abilities. When you tap into your divine blueprint navigation system, you will create optimal health and wellbeing. clb  

Divine Self-Expression

October 2021

Divine self-expression is giving yourself permission to speak from a place of inner truth. This way of being is an essential aspect of living a life of authenticity. Expressing self genuinely is a healthy choice. Each of you have a unique spiritual beauty to offer the world through your divine wisdom and grace. These unique gifts, shared though your experiences and conscious expression, can never be created or copied by another. This is because you have our own unique divine truth.

Self-expression leads to authentic communication which means sharing the unfiltered essence of yourself with others. This interaction enables both parties to share their point of view hopefully without judgment.

When others do not feel their truth agrees with you, neither view is wrong. Each person believes what makes sense through their guidance and experience and has the right to feel the way they do.

Being true to divine expression is a personal choice. It is your right about who and what you believe. It means you don’t have to make other people happy, agree with them, worry about what they think, or live by their truths.

How does judgement fit into this? Remember that when others judge, or do not agree with your beliefs, it does not define you. You can live as your genuine natural self being, completely honest and sincere, but most of all true to yourself. clb

Aspects of Holistic Wellness – In today’s world social health research has shown that the happiest people on earth have deep connections with their friends, family, and community. This is often why spirituality relates to happiness as it can provide a deep sense of community and support, no matter what faith a person chooses. Here’s one way to support your social health. Make time for in-person connections by spending time with love-hearted individuals.

Relating to the World

September 2021

September is a powerful month according to numerology; it holds the vibrational energy to powerfully create. This is a perfect month to live in the moment as we see and experience life in the outside world.

We can choose to stay centered in our own creation and let go of focusing on the uncertainty that our world will be safe. By detaching from the negative that is based on fear and insecurity, we can hold the space in loving prayers for everything to work out as it should.

How do we do that gracefully? By having an unquestioning belief in the power of the universal loving consciousness of divine right, intelligence (God/Goddess), and ourselves. 

One of my favorite quotes by Fearless Soul is: “I am never in control of what happens around me, but I am always in control of what happens within me.“

When we think about the things we can’t control in the outside world, we must remind ourselves of the things we can control like being in tune with ourselves, while staying in gratitude. 

Let's all take a moment to intend that we, as humans, are powerful enough to heal not only ourselves but our world as well. Blessings, c

Relating to Others

Watch out for others that try to make their problems ours and expect us to drop everything to suit their needs. When they are in a fear-based state they want us to accommodate them. If we can’t, sometimes we make excuses and try to explain ourselves instead of saying, “Sorry that does not work for me!”

We must not play into to their drama and take it personally. They can use guilt trips, or ultimatums, and try to turn our good nature against us. When we take on other people’s one-sided requests and demands, it interferes with our intention (schedule) and makes us feel inadequate. We then feel the need to accommodate their requests without question. 

When we feel that we are not doing or giving enough to others, and what they feel they need, we punish ourselves by giving into to their demands and drama. It makes more work, causes friction, upsets schedules, and inconveniences us and we become frustrated and resentful. 

Balance the Natural Flow

August 2021

This month is about living in deep harmony with ourselves and the divine. By tuning into our hearts with positive intention and balance the natural flow of the body will return to optimal health and wellbeing.

The body is a fine-tuned instrument that contains the five basic elements: Space, air, fire, water, and earth. These elements bring our bodies into balance through immense regenerative healing powers. These basic elements restore the body's natural rhythm, which carries an enormous source of healing power and love.

When we drop into our bodies, and understand what it is feeling, we can then ask it what it needs in this moment to heal. By tapping into our bodies physical sensations, we can discern whether we are coming from love or fear.

The human body is a manifestation of the sacred all permeating source, a divine reflection of the crystal-clear energy of creation. The heart of God/Goddess pulses within our heart, body, mind, and spirit. When we allow ourselves to move in harmony, we align to what is for our highest good. Blessings c

True Fearlessness is Peace

July 2021

True fearlessness is having trust or faith in yourself—or having a belief in a greater power and knowing in your heart that everything will turn out for the best in the end. My intention is everything turns out for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

Fear is a natural response to the world around us and our brains are programmed by using fear to keep us safe. When I am about to give a presentation to a new audience, I start to feel the physical symptoms of butterflies, fast heartbeat, or sweaty palms. That is totally normal. We unfortunately run into trouble when we’re overwhelmed by our perceived fears or the fears of others. Most fears that we worry about and agonize over aren’t really things we need to be afraid of or assume will happen. I know in my reality, perceived negative anxiety never actually happens or comes to fruition.

In today’s world, we are bombarded with fear-based information that heightens our awareness almost daily. If we are reading or listening to upsetting information that is coming from a place of fear or worry; how can that be a positive influence on our physical and emotional self?

Worry is characteristic of uncertainty, and as controlling as fears are they come from something other than love. When we worry about the "what ifs" we give away our power. When we look at ourselves and believe in our inability to control a negative situation we can fall into a powerless trap of fear.

I am guided true fearlessness is sustained by three things; “Faith, trust and peace which, I believe are the only remedies for fear. What we are all seeking is the perfect balance of serenity. We cannot have it both ways; either we come from a place of love or fear. There is no middle ground. The consciousness of one who is aligned in the divine love of spirit, fear has no sustaining quality. When we choose to stay in the moment and choose divine loving thoughts, we can only know peace.

God’s love is always there is in our hearts, and as we share that love though our intention with the world all will thrive. I know in my heart that intentional love is programmed in our DNA and can never be undone, only disregarded, or overlooked. Spirit can always resolve any situation if we are aligned in peace. I agree with Wayne Dyer’s quote: “If it brings you a sense of peace, then it is your higher self at work.” clb 

Meaningful Impact

June 2021

June is going to be one of those months that move along too quickly and will bring an abundance of inspirational energy. The message from the universe is to allow yourself to think big and live your life according to your authentic nature. Pay attention to your intuitive guidance. Said differently, it means reconnecting you with your fundamental natural creative self. It is a move away from whom you should be and invites you to reconnect with the deepest part of your being. This allows you to manifest your dreams and live authentically.

This month is a time of empowerment to create new projects that ultimately will have a meaningful impact for your life and those around you. When life is in balance, and in tune, your life’s mission is in alignment with your creative flow which allows you to be fully present and immersed in your tasks. Ask yourself the following questions.

What aspect of your life needs more inspiration?

Have you ignored one side of your life to focus on another? clb

Positive Changes

May 2021

Mars moves to the 6th house towards the end of the month, and this brings positive changes in your health. This is an ideal time to spend some time on upgrading your health. Start walking, exercise, do yoga, or any other activity that helps you feel more alive. There is a visible increase in energy levels, so you should take this opportunity to do something to enhance your wellbeing.

It is also the perfect time to let go of what you have been told you should do, and instead, choose to live life from the heart of compassion, pouring forth spiritual strength that will liberate you. Compassion is in your heart to free you from judgement and live a life of greater peace. Be prepared to grow and shine in the coming months. clb 

Divine Connections

April 2021

To connect with another person, with the intention of sharing love, means that a Divine miracle is happening. We all are enriched and nourished by what we share on a Soul level. Sharing love has no hidden agenda and therefore nothing is expected from one another. I believe the Soul desires to collaborate, connect and inspire others. By being conscious of our true connections, and understanding they are Divine not random, we can embrace each other and flourish.

It is up to us to open ourselves up to the richer experiences that life has in store for us. We can do this by moving along a path where we learn to dance with life, go with the ebb and flow of our human existence, and most of all feel connected and supported by the greater power within. Blessings clb

March Forward

March 2021

March is the perfect month to listen to your inner wisdom. You will receive the perfect information to create the synchronicities for moving forward in the next few months. These synchronicities will move life forward in an awakened conscious celebration. March 2021 is the month where more and more truth will be revealed and healed. Blocks and challenges will be cleared away and the truth will shine; you have been on hold way too long. You know what you are doing and where you are going. Trust all that is happening is Divine Timing. You must believe that everything that happens in your life, country, and world occurs at precisely the right moment.

Divine timing is one of the many ways the universe looks out for each of us. It helps us avoid pitfalls by slowing things down and gives us signs that help us take advantage of opportunities to see, sense and feel our way through each moment.

March 13th is when the new moon is in Pisces and it will be a good time to start something new. Try a new yoga move, a more in-depth meditation practice, or a new art project. It is the perfect opportunity to spiritually become more attuned to your divine creation. With the shifting energies in March, it is the perfect time to schedule a phone session. Blessings clb

Higher Love

February 2021

February's 2021 energy is driven by Neptune, the planet of higher love and inspiration. Valentine’s Day is the most powerful day this month. Its energy inspires us to connect and embrace our advanced knowledge of the divine process for creating happiness, while strengthening our gift of vision to enlightenment.

Those of us that want to evolve into a more conscious way of life will be rewarded. It is time to let our souls be happy and have fun once again. We have been worried and overwhelmed long enough. Remember that we were created from light and love and we can't let the challenges we encountered last year dominate our future actions. Our loving intentions will determine how this month will play out. Our state of mind has influence over our moods, relationships, and our overall well-being. Take positive action to shift back to happiness. Blessings clb

"It is time to shed the burdens of the past year and come up fresh and alive." Sadhguru

Gently Ride the Wave

January 2021

January 2021 is the month when we define how we relate to ourselves and others in this ever-changing world. It is a time to gently ride the wave of what is happening around us as energy continues to realign itself. We must trust that all is in divine alignment and stay in our truth. Now is the time to envision what we want to manifest in each moment and stay centered, regardless of outside circumstances. We must embrace why we are here and stay in divine faith.

We know the way; we know Spirit's song and how to follow our divine guidance to hold the light of right intention for all. Together we hold the key to greatness and integrity; this is how we will succeed in 2021.

For each of us personally we will continue to awaken to the fact that we are beams of light walking through life sharing our spiritual and physical presence as lightworkers. Together we are ready to stand in our unshakable self-confidence as we make a positive difference in our world. In this energy we will be able to deal with any unexpected changes. Blessings clb

2020 December Energies

December 2020

December is a time to let go of all overwhelming feelings of 2020 and the heaviness of this year’s past circumstances. The promise of 2021, which equals a 5 in numerology, helps us to use our ability to adapt to circumstances through divine faith. The number 5 symbology has the vibration of Divine Will which is considered the mediator between God and the Universal Truths. The year 2020 allowed us, as Lightworkers, the tools to awaken our authentic state of being and choose to become more empowered beings.

With faith and trust, we can embrace a time of significant shifts that require trust in the Divine Plan. The next few weeks will continue to bring to the surface issues in need of release and we must not react negatively. Together, through our prayers and gratitude, we can stay centered in light and love.

The cosmic shifts to awaken all humanity from outdated illusions was destined to play out. We are here to witness and grow beyond the illusions that have separated and divided humanity. We may not understand on many levels but must hold the space for the highest good of all concerned with harm to no one. The purpose of this chaos is to cosmically reset humanity on a path of Divine Peace. All that is required of us is to trust “All Is Unfolding in Divine Order”. Blessings clb

Releasing All Illusions

November 2020

Open your thoughts to new ideas to shift your foundation, while releasing all illusions that you need something outside of yourself to stay centered and peace filled.

Shake off anything threatening that interrupts your peace, moving forward to stand in your ultimate divine power. Become aware of all the attachments that hold you back dragging you down. Know that you must heal your negative thoughts, understanding them with a loving commitment, while knowing that all is well in our world.

As we grow and develop individually, we get out of our own way. We then become more compassionate souls and can inspire others. clb

Inner Mindscapes

October 2020

This month Saturn and Pluto will be urging us to take responsibility for our actions, words, and thoughts--as above, so below, as within, so without, for what we speak will come to fruition. We must clear any thoughts, fears or actions that block our gratitude and blessings which can disturb our peace of mind. We must choose to join in with the energy of listening and understanding while at the same time not reacting to another’s point of view. We must not engage in judgement, or be attached, forcing others to believe what we believe.

When we are detached, from outside influences, our minds no longer wander, or respond to pressure or control. This allows us to reclaim our natural state of neutrality. When we intend to come from a neutral state of being, stand in our truth, and give respect to others to stand in their truth, it allows us to come from love, compassion, and support.

If we yearn to shift our external reality, we need to start with our inner mindscapes and open ourselves to new thoughts and healthier points of view. Keep clear, keep growing and keep choosing gratitude and stay grounded. Studies have demonstrated how gratitude can increase one’s happiness and can improve overall health and wellbeing.

October is the perfect month to choose to be an active force in empowering self--as a pioneering creator, not only for our lives but family and community. We can all hold the space for the highest good of all concerned with harm to no one.

How? Speak and listen from a place of inspiration. We can all be conscious warriors to inspire the collective consciousness to thrive. There is no one better suited to imbue life with divine right intention. clb


I will let the habitual focus on self--relax and dissolve, expanding until I feel “self” as a natural extension of the spirit that flows through all things —simply, slowly, deeply.

💜 Blessings c

Within the Fire

“Within each of us, beneath the surface of our mind, there is a fire, a spiritual fire. It is the source of our inspiration. It is the fire of our divine knowledge, the deeper Mind of God, burning like a hearth, consuming our worries and our pain, purifying, blessing, and guiding each one of us.” What if this is also true for Mother Earth? clb

New Level

September 2020

As September arrives, the new moon will offer us an opportunity to begin on a whole new level of self-creation. It is time to focus on this: Who am I? When am I in my power? How can I cultivate divine alignment with my soul? When these questions are answered, then we will strengthen our connection to our divine wisdom and move into the deeper heart and create a true transformation of Self.

I believe that with the simplest shift in perception, and by exploring these questions, we can create our own reality and truly understand our divine nature. We can then focus on our divine nature and live a healthy and joyful life.

This invitation is called attraction in its clearest form. We all can tap into this Universal Attraction which is a natural process of matching vibrations, frequencies, and densities that are similar.

When we hold on to the frequency of faith, we can lift others up and attract goodness in every situation. No matter what is going on around us there are always lessons within every circumstance, even if we can 't immediately identify them.

When stress, fear, or conflict threatens our peace of mind, remember that we have the power to choose whether or not to engage in this energy. We can be caring and supportive without taking part in this negative-thinking or fear-based behavior. By staying steady in our divine power, we can act as a calming influence. Blessings c

The New Normal?

August 2020

Once in awhile, someone will ask me to ask Spirit what is the new normal. Who gets to decide what it is, what are the repercussions, and what will happen if I don't follow along with it?

Definition: Normal is used to describe individual behavior that conforms to the most common behavior in society (known as conformity).

How does one translate all that is going on in the world today into our consciousness, and stay centered in our moment-by-moment daily experience?

What if the new normal is not new at all. I have been teaching for years that we all must open our eyes, hearts, and minds to loving kindness and respect not only for ourselves but others as well. Living a mindful life of compassion and inclusion transforms all lives for the better and is a spiritual way of being.

Spiritual maturity is trusting that there is an understanding of a divine consciousness that lives in all of us and our world. This divine presence unifies all things in divine right creational action, and I believe that every human being has the capacity to show this side of themselves.

Mindfulness is intentionally observing the world around you from a place of calm objectivity, anchored in the present moment. You must stay grounded and be conscious of those around you without contributing to fear. Practicing and trusting this concept not only keeps you healthy, both physically and mentally, but it helps you better relate to the world around you and gives you a higher sense of purpose.

I am guided that true mindfulness of others will help us to be more patient and compassionate to each other. It does not mean you have to like other people’s actions, and you do not have to react to them.

How can we achieve this and not suffer any repercussions such as a feeling of being attacked or living in fear. We can achieve this by slowing down, becoming more conscious and aware of what is happening around us, not taking it personally, and at the same time not participating in mass hysteria. We can choose to act and speak from a place of kindness, love, compassion, and understanding. Be mindful and fully aware of the present moment. Most of all be open to the endless possibilities of positive change for yourself, others and the world. As a beacon of light do your best to serve. Do this by demonstrating respect and empathy to all individuals, cultures and society as a whole, no matter their beliefs. clb

Taking Back Your Power

July 2020

I was praying about what topic to write about in this month's newsletter and I was guided to revisit taking back our personal power. I know this topic can seem totally a little cliche because; well, it’s a pretty common topic in my teaching and in several of my spiritual articles.

I teach that personal power plays a big part in our ability to be successful and happy. It also helps us to manifest healthfully, be confident in our choices and feel safe. I always say, are you working for life or making life work for you? Everything in our culture (especially lately) teaches us to deny our personal power and give it to external forces.

Giving our power to outside forces can, and will, throw us off balance. Here are four signs that your life is out of balance: When you feel extremely chaotic and believe there is nothing you can do to achieve inner balance. You find yourself reacting to everything, including things that other people say and do, or being emotionally affected to conditions outside your control.

Your life has taken on an erratic flow and it feels as if life is “happening to you” and everything is at the mercy of your reaction to change.

You are too tired to recognize or enforce your own emotional, personal and professional boundaries.

I believe that having divine personal power is our God-given right. True personal power means having the ability to handle life's challenges with divine courage and by breaking free from inertia and from anything that holds us back and makes us feel mentally and emotionally powerless. clb

Appreciation is Fundamental

June 2020

Summer arrives here on June 20, 2020, and it is time for the sun to shine in every corner of our lives. Our next step in evolution is to hold the mind steady in the light. Everyday we have the chance to start over and appreciate who we are and what we have.

One of my favorite quotes about appreciation is from Amelia Earhart, “The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.”

Recognizing gratitude and appreciation may be one of the most overlooked tools for increasing happiness. Research shows these two words can be the most powerful methods of increasing happiness and joy in our lives. Each day we can choose to write a gratitude list with up to six things we really appreciate about ourselves, others, or even what we experienced yesterday.

This writing exercise helps us to focus our mind on the positive and turn it away from the negativity of the daily grind. Showing appreciation benefits everyone. When we show gratitude and appreciation, it makes us happier and healthier. clb

Spiritual Restructuring 

May 2020

I send light and love that you are all staying centered and balanced as we move further into the fifth dimensional energy.

So far, 2020 has been an eye-opening year where we have been forced to "let go of the should of" having to do with this or that. These changes are happening not only within ourselves, but how we interact with others in our surroundings. This spiritual restructuring energy will help us transform into healthier human beings. This lighter relationship will better suit us, as well as our relationship with Mother Earth, and make way for many new beginnings.

This energy field, during the past few weeks, has helped us to be honest with ourselves and others. We are learning to distance ourselves and have the courage to flow with the changes and relax. Keeping a slower pace in our lives, in the upcoming weeks, is our invitation to restructure how we live, releasing fear and drama and creating our own true divine existence.

When we become willing to see a world beyond our physical sight, then life becomes easier. We feel safer, and we can access our own true power. By the end of the year, Saturn will have moved fully into Aquarius, showing us the deep truth and alchemy that has occurred after many years of stagnation. This has pushed us to release all our old behaviors and open up ourselves to a new awareness of peace. Worry not, we are ready for this new awakening. We, as humans, will feel more powerful than ever, more compassionate and loving. clb

Choose to Embrace Life

April 2020

Everything you need is right here. This down time is the time to cut out the distractions, open your eyes, and see that you already have everything in your possession to be happy, loved, and fulfilled.

It’s not out there; it never was out there. It’s just been covered up by all the external things we have identified as "needed" to complete us. We can feel overwhelmed by living in a material fast-paced world. This message might give you an alternative perspective. When all is said and done, the love and support we share is imperative.

I truly feel that when we send loving spiritual intentions to the world they are extremely powerful. If each of us takes one moment to visualize positive prayers wrapping the world in a blanket of peace, love and healing, together we can change our world for the better. It never helps anyone to focus on fear, sadness, or anger. I feel that only love and forgiveness is key.

I am guided that the care and empathy we share, through our prayers, is never lost. This can be shared through compassion, inspiration and service. Hope is never insignificant, so whatever we do to support each other over the next few weeks will show our true character. We can choose to share the feeling of love, understanding and kindness to all. This is an important way to stay balanced during this health situation.

The way to stop living in fear is to embrace life. I cannot say this enough. We can choose to stay out of the madness and drama; instead we can be mindful and create our own safe space. We must practice not to give our power to fear, but through intention return to peace of mind.

On January 12, of this year, Jupiter and Pluto joined in the ninth house of optimism and higher consciousness to shift all stagnant, unconscious, and fear-based teachings that no longer serve us. These beliefs and/or values can be applied to heal Mother Earth and her people. We must stand in our own true power and not be victimized by outside fear-based projections. I truly believe we create our own reality, and if we give in to the power of the outside sources we get out of balance.

To make life work for us during this disruptive time in our lives, we must think clearly, stay calm and take whatever precautions we need to make us feel safe. Most of all we have to stay centered and have faith that all is well in our world. By thinking positive thoughts, and setting our intentions to stay healthy, we can strengthen our immune systems and fight off sickness in any form. Within our spiritual beliefs, inspired by love, trust and prayer, we can feel and benefit from the essence of wholeness that leads to a healthier mind and body.

As a result, we are assessing and guiding our innate wisdom and truly trusting our divine connection to God's grace. When we love and trust ourselves, our unique vibration becomes elevated. Our conscious perceptions of who we are as unique individuals become stronger. We then, have more power over how we react to life. Be bold and reclaim your true identity. clb

Coronavirus - COVID-19

March 2020

I would like to address Coronavirus - COVID-19

First, please do not panic and do your best to stay calm. It is important to continue to live our daily lives. This is a form of the flu.

Second, know your sources when seeking information on the Coronavirus. Do your best to stay out of the collective consciousness of fear and turn off the news. I believe that news is toxic to our bodies. Fear constantly triggers the limbic system and releases cortisol. This compromises the immune system and slows hormones. In other words, the body finds itself in a state of chronic stress. This can cause nervousness and susceptibility to infections.

I get that the word "epidemic" can be overwhelmingly scary sending us into fear. I am guided that there is less to be afraid of than we may think, especially if we follow a few simple, common-sense precautions. This virus is a form of the flu and here are some things we can do to stay healthy.

Never give your power to fear; but I do understand that fear can get your attention. However, it is also impossible to think clearly when you are flooded with fear and/or anxiety. The first thing to do is take time out so you can calm down and think from a more empowered place. Think clearly and take whatever precautions you need to make you feel safe. Then you can become empowered and come up with a plan to avoid disruptions from both COVID-19 or the flu.

We all know the basic rules of washing and disinfecting our hands with soap and hot water for at least twenty seconds. If that option is not available use sanitizing gel or alcohol-based hand wipes.

We all know that our nose and eyes are the most common places for germs to get into the body. Avoid touching your face.

Get sufficient sleep. Getting a good night's sleep adds to a healthy immune system. Drinking Chamomile tea will support sleep and will help protect your immune system.

Eat plenty of produce and probiotics. Eating an immune system-friendly diet goes a long way to being healthy. Eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables (blueberries, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes) which basically strengthen your body’s immune system. Fermented foods like probiotic yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut can also strengthen your immune system.

If you are sick stay at home. We all have a tendency to tough it out when we don't feel well, but this is one of our worst habits. If you do have to interact with people, be vigilant about washing your hands and not touching your face. If you have any symptoms at all and are worried contact your doctor. Knowledge is power.

If you do get sick—when you have to cough or sneeze, do so in the crook of your elbow, not your hands.

If you are healthy, wearing a mask is unlikely to help in most situations, especially if you don't wear a new one every time you go out.

Take herbs and vitamins. Vitamin C, B-12 and D’s are the best for boosting your immunity.

Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system boosters of all. In fact, a lack of Vitamin C can make you more prone to getting sick. (Airborne or Emergen-C are two great products.)

Vitamin B-6 is vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight off infection.

Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that boost your immune system. They can help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart.

Turmeric or Curcumin (the natural compound in turmeric) is a potent anti-inflammatory compound. It has also been shown to boost immune cell activity and enhance antibody responses.

Stay centered. I am guided that staying positive and setting our intention to be healthy will help us fight off sickness in any form. I believe the true healing process many of us are undergoing is one of re-aligning one's self. Within our spiritual beliefs, inspired by love, trust and prayer, we can feel and intend the essence of wholeness that leads to a healthier mind and body.

As a result, we are assessing and guiding our innate wisdom so we know what is for our highest good, truly trusting our connection to God's goodness. When we love and trust ourselves, our unique vibration becomes elevated, and our conscious perceptions of who we are as creators become stronger and fear has less power over our lives.

If you have more concerns or questions

I have 30-minute phone sessions ($90/call) available. 

Please click here to go my schedule a session page.

Cathleen L. Balfour, March 2020

Rise Up

March 2020

Calling all creators and risk takers. Come now, speak your voice, and find your wings to fly. March is the month to show up, be yourself, and be liberated. It is the time to be focused on your world and be the center of your reality as you stay out of the world's chaos. Take time to contemplate and reach in the direction you yearn to go; speak your truth and choose to live it unconditionally. When we choose for ourselves at a cellular level, we choose divine radiance and our lives flow in perfect balance creating a bright future. We can choose to live each day in harmony and divine consciousness. This attracts us to what we want to create, allowing us to be at peace with ourselves.

To create an optimal life we must redefine our values and strengthen our spiritual development. Set your goals and intentions in line with your values. Take a moment and ask yourself-- am I being authentic and in alignment with my truths. In doing so, be sure you know your reasons for doing it. Your creativity will guide you to take the proper action. Rise up, take action, and be fulfilled. clb

Blessings Cathleen L. Balfour, March 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

February 2020

The roots of Valentine's Day goes back to ancient times, when people paid honor to the Roman God of Fertility. This was known as the Feast of Lupercalia, and was celebrated even then on February 14th.

Exploring the Human Ego

For years I have been teaching and exploring the human ego. I feel by understanding and dissecting our ego, we can learn more about ourselves. By doing this we gain a greater understanding of how our unhealthy patterns function.

The ego is a perception of ourselves and controls whether or not we react through love or fear. This is also how we project ourselves to the outside world. How others treat us is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Everyone has an ego; it is a natural facet of our human experience. How we invest in our ego has major implications of the way we act and what we believe. We respond to adversities such as criticisms, insults, values and failures by our ego's influence. It defines how we create reality and shape our lives.

Understanding how and when to invest our ego will give us better control over our emotions and judgment. This gives us insight to how other people behave and how we respond. By delving into the ego's influence we can use our understanding of it to gain a conscious divine balance of ourselves and we will ultimately have greater understanding of the world around us.

Blessings c

Happy New Year

January 2020

 Divine Truths

The year 2020 contains one of the most powerful divine frequencies of light we have seen in years and this is influenced by the alignment of Saturn and Pluto. This energy will peak this month, January 2020. The alignment of these two planets offer us a great opportunity to ascend to higher levels of consciousness, setting the tone for the whole year. This energy will allow our spiritual growth and manifestation skills to accelerate and, together with Mother Earth, harmonize this ultra-powerful energy and vibrating in the same frequency as the number 22.

This is a huge process of ascension and awakening, moving us towards a lighter experience.

The heaviness that we cleansed in 2019 has prepared us for this new wave of divine consciousness. That is why we had to release and let go of all our struggles and focus on the positive.

2020 will not necessarily be about delving into the darkness to "fix” it, but about rising above it. Rising so high that darkness has no choice but to disappear. The truth comes out in the light and it reveals our true honesty.

True honesty becomes the main objective and this encourages us to restructure our lives in order to live in our divine truth. We may be surprised by this transformation and will discover a new perspective filled with confidence, strength and intention.

So what is Divine Truth? When I think of Divine Truth, I immediately feel that deep within each of us is a space of perfection, beauty, innocence and unconditional love. This cannot be seen with the physical eyes, but is experienced with the inner spiritual vision. Connecting with this space, even if briefly, offers us a new way to understand ourselves and everyone else in our lives. It is an invitation to push a "reset" button where everything in our being is filled with the light of love and forgiveness. Then only light, love and innocence remain.

The place of Divine Truth has nothing to do with our age, gender, ethnicity, skin color, profession, or anything related to the personality self. Pure Truth is the place within us that cannot be changed or distorted by anything external.

Imagine that within us we have a storehouse of infinite energy, vision and bliss, and that can never be taken away. We can access them at all times by forming a connection to the true self, which to me feels like having an anchor that grounds me in my life. This allows me to be aligned both physically and emotionally. Blessings c

Happy Holidays

December 2019

A Sense of Wonder

At this time of year, what if you took the approach of seeing the holidays from a "sense of wonder" instead of the overwhelming feeling that impacts us during this time. By shifting your consciousness, this allows you to return to your childlike wonder of grace, gratitude and love. Aligning this energy spiritually will inspire you to celebrate the season with family and friends in a relaxed and calming atmosphere.

In order to do this, you might need to change old patterns and practice self- control when it comes to buying gifts, entertaining and dealing with the commercialization of the holidays. This can be accomplished by listening to your loved ones needs- they can be very different from what you think or plan for them.

Here are three steps: First put things in perspective, second prioritize, and third do less.

These steps are a healthy way to deal with this time of year. This will ultimately lead to a healthier and joy-filled holiday experience.

Have a peaceful Christmas season filled with love. clb

Fill Your Cup

November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

November is a time for filling your cup with abundant appreciation, and sweeten your senses by tenderly caring for body and spirit. It is a time to get creative about caring for yourself, and celebrate who you are. Paying attention and listening to your body as a source of wisdom will inspire you to maintain wellness in your life. Taking a moment in deep resting silence will set your spirit free from the demands of everyday life.

When your cup is full you will become comfortable in your own skin. This lets you pursue activities that make you happy, and let go of those that no longer benefit you. Being a free spirit allows you to take mindful responsibility for your actions and sets you free.

Living your life intentionally and creating positive outcomes will fill your cup to overflowing. When you live joyously in the moment it radiates to all those around you. You will feel empowered, and will be able to refocus your priorities, and simplify your lifestyle choices.

Let this be your guide--it is time to celebrate! clb

Manifestation Equals Magical Moments

October 2019

Happy Halloween...

"One of my favorite words is magical, just the word itself reminds me to live my divine intention. By living in alignment, and strengthening my heart connection with the Divine, I am allowed to co-create something wonderful every moment . I believe, when choosing to manifest for the highest good for myself and others, the benefits are astoundingly beautiful. Beautifully aligned with good!” clb

Fall's magical energy is to cultivate a life full of health, integrity, love, honesty and goodness. Cultivating all of this involves being a conscious observer, or the spiritual witness, to our thoughts. By paying attention we can develop a deeper sense of stillness and truth. When we come to embrace the infinite space of peace within us, it becomes easier to let go of stress and being overwhelmed.

Empowering our inner space involves becoming the watcher, or the witness to our thoughts, and that develops a deeper sense of stillness. Through focus we come to understand this deeper space of goodness within. It becomes easier to let go of "fear" and lets our divine -based thoughts guide us instead. Being able to move into this internal space of now is how we can hold the space of our true nature, which is love.

Fall is a time of decisions, looking inward and outward, and choosing what to let go of. It may not always feel comfortable, but we must let go or we will get bogged down in the old belief systems from the past. By taking responsibility for our divine creation, and through the exploration of a consistent self-reflection and inner examination, we become more conscious, authentic and real.

Blessings c

Pure In Spirit for September's Energy

September 2019

The symbolism of September “Is Pure in Spirit” and centers on refocusing our energies to create for the better. During this amazing month of September lets direct our intentions on healing the world around us. I believe that when we send loving spiritual intentions to the world they make a powerful difference. If each of us take a moment to visualise these positive prayers, wrapping our world in a matrix of peace, love and healing we can create an actual grid that will help cancel those focusing on sadness, anger or fear. I feel that only love and forgiveness transforms.

Since September’s energy is lucky, motivated, enthusiastic and contains a mystical, somewhat magical, vibration which caters for an ideal time for manifestation. Lets use this month's energy to share our love, prayers, intentions, actions, thoughts and words, because they are never lost. True goodness shared through our intentions and prayers are never inconsequential. Whatever we can do to hold the space of love and compassion, towards ourselves and others, is essential to create a better world. Blessing c


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