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Spiritual Egotism and Competition among Lightworkers

By: Cathleen L. Balfour

The Council for Lightworkers through Cathleen L. Balfour

Lord Sananda, Brigit, St Germain, Lady Nada, Buddha, Vywamus, Kuan Yin

14 March 2005

Dear Ones, we are here today to address an issue that feel to be of the utmost importance. Where do egotism and competition fit into this fifth dimensional world of equality? We have assembled as the Council for Lightworkers to help guide you through this transition into equality, since coming into the fifth dimension will be a testing time for you who are working in the Light. In these times when the Light is coming forward in a way that has never before experienced, many Lightworkers work in harmony with us, but there are also those challenged by the lower dimensional consciousness of ego-driven competition.

You Are Called Upon To Face Power Struggles and Ego Competition

As Lightworkers, you present yourselves as guides and teachers of the Fifth Dimension, a dimension of equality that represents the highest levels of love, understanding, acceptance and recognition of every individual’s journey. The challenge will be for you as Lightworkers to teach and respond from a secure Fifth Dimensional reality, and to surpass the ego. This means maintaining a high level of integrity as you help guide one another toward Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment.

We are pleased that humans as a whole has energetically shifted their consciousness to work within the higher dimensions, past separation. You are ready to move beyond the limited understanding of the Third Dimension, and are learning to recognize that nothing separates you from your own God Presence. Devotion to oneness at this time is essential, and it is time for all of the Lightworkers to come together as a

team to help Humanity in this shift. It is important to understand that the choices you make have an effect on the whole of humanity.

With this new shift of consciousness and with more of you stepping into your paths of service as Lightworkers, you need to explore this idea. How can you, as Lightworkers stay centered in higher dimensions so that when others in your community shine and become empowered, you can be joyful for them? When you are coming from Divine Consciousness, you can stay centered. But as humans, you are faced every day with egotism, negative competition and power struggles. You, can choose to stay victims of the old consciousness or to move beyond it. But to hold this new consciousness means that you take full responsibility for our own reality by seeing the truth in every situation. You need to check and re-check with guidance - is your reality/work coming from an ego level or soul level? Remember, when called upon we are here to support those who ask to be assisted and can help you re-center in your Light.


We feel that ego and competition serve positive as well as negative purposes. Neither can or should be banished. Ego helps you see your human individuality. But when the ego takes over, it leads to opposition and loss of power. It serves as an instrument of fear to separate you from your individuality, harmony, and freedom, and it puts you at odds with the world around you. When taken to the extreme, it causes you to fall prey to the illusion that you are inferior or superior to others. When the ego show insecurity, let it know that it does not have to try to be all that you - the soul - are – it is a very valuable part of you. Without the ego, the soul could not express in this dimension.

Competition helps you see the success of others and can motivate and inspire your own efforts. But when you become blinded by self importance and refuse to grow or learn from the success of others, you become at odds with the world and step out of your power. Understanding this is vital. For true growth, you must truly surrender to the higher expression of your soul - God Presence - and remain in your Divine power.

We give surety that there is no place in this new consciousness for ego-driven spiritual competition. You are all part of the Source, and you all embody that energy. If you work with that same God/Source, you are all going to arrive at the same fundamental truths. You have abundance of knowledge surrounding you, spiritual and otherwise, and in your spiritual evolution, there is no room for ego-driven competition. Each of you has your own spiritual journey and direction to pursue, and each of you has your own unique voice, and it is your divine right-and responsibility-to speak. We assure you that authentic self expression never hurts or diminishes the personal creative freedom of others. You can use different analogies and speak in your own unique voice, but if you are coming from integrity, speaking your individual truths and guided by the same Source, how can you help but speak the same language of love and healing for your planet and one another?


Sharing your information in all its forms is vital. We have given each of you an opportunity to take your individual light voice and share it with the world. When you do that, you enhance each life you touch. You are turning on the light, one person at a time. Each of you is sought out for your unique healing style, ability, and gift. When you come from truth and integrity, your voices will reach those who are ready to hear. We guide each of you perfectly upon your own path. When you can see beyond the ego and realize that being a light voice goes far beyond the self, it allows you to be open as a channel to hear and speak God’s wisdom. As Lightworkers, you must continue to drink in the knowledge available to you and grow spiritually, realizing that you are blessed and guided by God/Source and us in the Spiritual Realm. The foundation of spiritual truth is a gift for all to share, a gift to be divinely told to the world.

As individuals, you each have the choice to live a journey of perfect harmony, success and voice. You should freely share your love and inspiration with the rest of the world and respect others for sharing their divinely-guided voices. The love and knowledge that each of you communicates should not be met with opposition but with gratitude. Do not be afraid to live, for that is what God intended.

Blessed be, dear ones, for all your work. You are greatly loved and honored by us on the other side of this very thin veil. As you honor and love us, we do the same for you. With great blessings and gratitude your guides and loved ones, the Council for Lightworkers we

leave you with this prayer as a gift.

Prayer of Enlightenment

As I proceed down my individual path, I will become healthier, happier and closer to the God /Source

As I mature spiritually, I will consciously and deliberately manifest in my life the true desires of my heart

As I continue to evolve spiritually, I will live a life and journey of perfect harmony, perfect success, and perfect voice

As I come into lightworkers’ lives, I will express gratitude for their knowledge with love, compassion, understanding and respect

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