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Workshops & Classes

The Workshops and classes below are offered to your group of 6 or more in person or virtually. 

*I do not offer refunds for my workshops and classes

Email for more information.

Intentions For My Workshops and Zoom Classes

My intention for workshops is for each participant to focus on the various aspects of how they can gain knowledge through connection with their spiritual guidance.

I have been teaching classes for the last 20+ years and my classes/workshops provide opportunities for growth and higher vibrational shifts, by working through what triggers us emotionally. My intention is for each participant to have the right tools, knowledge and support that makes a difference in their individual Spiritual journey.

The purpose for each class or workshop is to assist you in working through various feelings, whether they are inspiring or uncomfortable. Each workshop will teach you not to take things personally, to release all judgements in a sacred environment, where it is safe to be vulnerable and accepted for who you are – an empowered being with unlimited potential.

My inspired educational workshops will guide you to reach your highest potential through:

  • Learning life lessons and letting go of the past to be fully present, here, and now.

  • Authentically taking responsibility for your growth and healing.

  • Accelerating your evolution so you can inspire yourself on every level.

  • Awakening the light of your Soul and unveiling your powerful inner resources.

  • Learning not to take things personally and depersonalize every situation.

  • Finding a happy medium between being hypersensitive and caring deeply.

My workshops will nurture a sacred space where you can learn self-preservation from negativity and toxic relationships, reflective times, spiritual practices, and beliefs.

Thank you for having the courage to attend as we support, share, and inspire each other to be our empowered selves and create healthy friendships and connection to a like-hearted community.

Come work with me and explore the Soul's Divine nature and how you can integrate that awareness into your life. Together, we can go deeper into your true identity and purpose.

Workshops and Classes Offered

Class: Conscious Manifestation

This class will inspire you to understand that there are no limits to manifesting. You can manifest your soulmate, a dream job, vacations, and more. There is nothing too big or too small that you can’t manifest right now.

Manifestation is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality, through your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions. The universe is always listening, and it is here to support you in achieving your dreams. Learn powerful tools and processes for shifting your limiting beliefs, low self-worth, and resistance to authentically creating.

In this class you'll learn: What manifestation is - and is not, Why visioning is Important, How and why manifestation works, What divine timing is, How to integrate manifestation work into your daily life, and much more. 

Class: Seekin​g The Feminine Soul

The intention of this class is exploring the influence of the Divine Feminine consciousness:

The Great Mother Goddess (of wisdom), considered as the Universal Divine Matriarch, the nurturing nature of the Divine Feminine.

Long ago, living emissaries of the Divine Feminine, such as the Order of the Rose and the Order of Magdalena, came to this dimension and seeded codes of awakening. These teachings reawaken us to the Ultra-Violet energies of creational balance.

In this class, you will learn about the codes of awakening and the Ultra-Violet energies, along with: Reclaiming The Feminine Essence, How The Divine Feminine Relates To The Divine Masculine, The Stages Of Divine Feminine Soul Actualization, The Feminine Principle, Doorways To Transformation, and more.

Class: The "Clairs"

The Clairs come from the French word meaning ‘clear’. They are the associated psychic senses which link with some of our physical senses, such as seeing and hearing.​

These senses are commonly used for intuiting messages via your sixth sense with help from Your God Incarnate, Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, to See, Sense and Feel.

Along with learning about the 4 main clairs - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance & Clairsentience, you'll also learn the importance of: Understanding precognition, Opening the third eye, Protecting your energy, Being spiritually assertive and more.

The key to developing the clairs is to understand that the more you trust, the more you will experience. 

Class: Owning Your Divine Personal Power

By looking at the personal beliefs that limit you, you can redefine what is possible, and become inspired to shine and be your absolute best self. Cathleen will introduce you to an insightful process that moves you beyond what holds you captive, opening a gateway to endless possibilities.

During this class you will: Learn how to be more empowered, peaceful, and centered, Learn how to tap into your empowered authentic self, Discover and formulate your Divine personal power, and much more.

Class: A Spiritual View On Body Image

A Spiritual Perspective On Body Image - We will explore spiritual ways to practice self-love and compassion.


One of the most insightful things I’ve learned in my spiritual practice and my own life is that is the concept of how my spiritually influences how I feed or see my body. I believe that true health means more than just the physical condition of the body, and the food we eat is often secondary to the experiences and judgement in our lives.

This workshop will empower you as you embark on your journey toward self-love and acceptance. You will learn what self-love really is and why it's so important to embrace YOU. We will discuss ways to relieve self-doubt, practice self-compassion, and to love yourself in body, mind and soul.


See yourself as beautiful, perfection and Divine

Understanding your body temple

Overcoming hurdles to loving your body

Release self judgement

Build self-compassion and acceptance

Embrace who you are authentically


The purpose of this class is to understand how much more our bodies are than just a physical vehicle for this experience. We will explore how your body is a Divine temple. ​

Class: Spiritual and Physical Hygiene

Understanding the body, mind, and spirit through holistic health and wellbeing is about exploring your inner world and becoming conscious of peeling away the layers of disease (dis-ease). It is time to focus our intention on reaching a place of optimum health, naturally and consciously, physically and spiritually. In today’s world, we tend to divide things into two areas – physical and spiritual. The physical includes our body, influenced by our spirituality, and that is the emphasis of this class.   

Class: Life by Design

Is it time to build a joy-filled life to design your new heaven on earth and move forward to create a more balanced life? When we design creatively something magical happens. We are always consciously designing in some way or another. Creativity feeds our soul.


The intention of this class is for you to focus on developing a mindful awareness of where you are now and how you fit into that space/energy. You will learn design techniques that balance this ever-changing energy. You will practice ways to address blocks and get your mojo flowing again; gain insights into honing your decision- making; and design three possible future paths for your life. 


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