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Your Family of Light

By: Cathleen L. Balfour

Channeled November 25, 2007

Dear Ones, We are assembled once more as the Council for Lightworkers (Lord Sananda, Brigit, St Germain, Lady Nada, Buddha, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, and Thoth) to help guide you further as you transition into wholeness, and to continue to support you in birthing the God within.

You are remembering that you have come forth on the earth at this time as miraculous creator beings…and We speak to all Lightworkers about this important matter of continuing to merge with your true Spirit to embrace your true sole’s identity into Oneness, the light of Divine Consciousness. We are pleased that you are continuing to connect with your fundamental nature, your soul’s essence, and accurately remembering who you are. We want you to know that you are eternally loved by your family of Light.

We have existed within you since your soul’s initiation long ago. We are here with you to make your path to enlightenment as effortless as

possible. We hear your prayers through energy transfers of feeling: physical, emotional and mental and we communicate back to you in subtle ways. We come forth from all dimensions, and are always guiding each of you from the other side of this very thin veil. Our intention is not only to continue to help you gently reawaken you to your family of Light, but also, with Our loving graced filled assistance, help you actualize your true identity which is your greatest potential of love. This is Our promise to you.

Lightworkers, you are eternally connected to God – it is only illusion that a division is even possible. This is the truth and by living this essential truth, your immense light is shared. As each of you commune with your family of light and their infinite profound wisdom teachings and mastery which is encoded through the words and images that you receive is your divine birth-rite, your innate wisdom will become clearer and more profound. We see by reconfirming your identity this will allow each of your subtle bodies to raise within the vibration and embody a higher state of consciousness, based upon the realization of your own self and the understanding of the Divine consciousness of truth which is your true sole’s identity.

Together we can illuminate this Divine consciousness…it is time-honored, as you are the earth teachers of the Divine consciousness, teachers of equality that represents the highest levels of love…understanding…acceptance and recognition of every individual’s journey. As we embrace you, we ask that you embrace who you are …as you help guide humanity toward Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment.

Never fail to remember to let your light shine and in doing that, We shine with you. You are being supported with Our blessing of eternal

divine light and love – We are your Family of Light. Remember to ask us to gently breathe with you so you can receive God’s essence into your life, allowing you to stay attuned to flow of love within each moment. Know that no matter what is occurring within your life, all is love and that through this connection to love all can be transformed, returning you into ever greater realizations of love’s true nature that of Oneness.

Dear Ones, This is once again an opportunity to take your individual light voice and share it with the world and when you choose do this you enhance each life you touch. You are Our Light. We remind you to continue to drink in the knowledge available to you and grow spiritually and realize that you are blessed and guided by us your council, but all Light Beings in the Ascended Realm, angels, arch-angels - your sacred family of Light. You are the foundation of spiritual truth and it is a gift for you to share with the world.

Blessed be, dear ones, for all your work. You are an intrinsic part of the plan on Earth at this time and are greatly loved and honored by us on the other side of this very thin veil. As you honor and love us, we do the same for you. With great blessings and gratitude, we are your guides and loved ones, the Council for Lightworkers.

We leave you with this prayer as a gift:

The prayer of Divine Knowledge

Today, I will not be afraid to ask for what I need

for I am answered by my Family of Light.

I will let my light shine and drink in the Divine knowledge

that is available to me in every moment.

I will ask to see the truth and the truth is

Divine Consciousness and is my true sole’s identity.

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