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Cathleen L. Balfour's
Humanitarian Mission to Zanskar India

From May 25th through July 15th, 
I will be out of the office and unavailable (by phone, text, or Facebook messenger). I will be unable to respond to you because I will be in India on a Hands on Global medical mission, there are no phone or internet services available. 
You can continue to schedule your future appointments on my Schedule a Session Tab.

I look forward to connecting with everyone when I get back. Blessings c

Mission to India in June 2019

I’m excited to share with you that my husband Paul and I will be joining Hands On Global to Zanskar India in June 2019. Hands On Global is a non-profit organization that does important humanitarian work around the world. In 2015, the Dalai Lama funded the construction of the Sowa Rigpa Hospital in Zanskar. It’s a blessing to be invited to use my skills as a Holistic Practitioner and Medical Intuitive and Paul’s experience as an Incident Management Fire Team member. We are both honored and eager to join Zanskar’s integrative medical team of professionals. Their goal is to improve access to traditional and allopathic medical care for the people of Zanskar.

If you would like to monetarily contribute, and/or donate medical supplies, for our trip to Zanskar, Please contact me at cathleen@cathleenlbalfour.com or call 509-47-9020

I will be updating this website as this amazing journey unfolds. Blessings c

Update:  Paul and I are committed and understand the importance to be called to work with this dedicated team of individuals. Through hard work, optimism, and determination the team has provided life-changing effects to the remote communities they bring healthcare to. From what I understand, the challenges of heath-care delivery to these remote regions is where their work is critically needed. The medical teams from Hands on Global have courage and commitment that push them forward to work collaboratively with underserved communities.

Hands on Global is primarily concerned with healthcare and they believe access to good healthcare is a human right no matter where you are in the world. I believe, as they do, that by helping others a difference can be made.

I would like to thank you for your loving support. Paul and I hope you can join us in supporting their work.

I’ll be updating my Facebook, website and email as this unfolds so you can follow along and share in this life-altering experience. Blessing c

Inspired Health and WellBeing 

You have the ability to heal and free yourself from disease in any form. Every intentional conscious step you take brings you closer to living a healthier life.  
Wellness is more than the absence of dis-ease. It is choosing to live in optimal health. 


Cathleen believes that modern life is full of distractions, demands, deadlines, frustrations, and obligations. 

She believes that for many of us stress is so common that it has become a way of life. She is not saying that sometimes a good challenge isn’t  beneficial.  In some cases, it can help us perform under pressure and motivate us to do our best.  However, when constantly running in fast forward mode we get lost and our minds and bodies pay the price.
Cathleen will inspire each person to learn the tools to protect themselves.  She teaches that by recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress, and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects, we can create a balanced and healthy life style.

Why is the connection between spirituality, health, and wellbeing important?  

Cathleen L. Balfour, LLC Holistic Health and WellBeing Practitioner is a member of the American Holistic Health and American International Spiritual Touch Associations; Certified Spiritual Energy Practitioner; International Assembly of Spiritual Teachers; Agape Lodge