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Em​power - Inspire - Transform

Cathleen L. Balfour

Holistic Practitioner, Medical Medium & Spiritual Teacher

Choose Optimal Health and WellBeing        

The best way to define your future is to create it. 💜 Blessings c

Wellness is choosing the essential path of empowering self as a conscious creator. Cathleen believes that each of you have the ability to heal and free yourself from physical, emotional, and mental stress. By developing a clear understanding of how stress impacts your physical and mental health is important. Every intentional conscious step you take brings you closer to living a healthy life. Cathleen will spiritually guide you on your journey to create optimal health and wellbeing. 

Knowledge is the key to understanding your world.​ clb

The true healing process that many of us are undergoing is one of re-aligning self to unconditional love. Through love we can feel the essence of wholeness that leads us back to our heart's center. By accessing our innate wisdom, we will truly feel our connection to Creator's Unconditional Love. When we love ourselves, our unique vibration becomes elevated, and our conscious perceptions of what goodness is becomes transparent.  


Each person's spiritual journey is an essential path of empowering self and taking full responsibility as a conscious creator.  We can, in each moment, choose to create new healthier conditions by re-aligning our energies in positive ways to express a healthier version of self.  How? This can be done through self-knowledge, self- exploration and an understanding of who we are as individuals.  

Path to 

Finding Self

The Healing Process

Heart-Centered Healing and Inspiration

Healing is simply another word, or mindset, for creating a conscious positive outcomes.


Your Natural State of Being

Practicing the Art of Authenticity

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